Thursday, August 8, 2013

Target Finds!

I totally forgot to add in this video with my post yesterday about buying a new toaster. My friend showed me this when I mentioned my toaster wasn't working properly. I think I may have seen it years ago, but it is hilarious.

In other news, I burnt my toast this morning. Seems the new toaster and I have some work to do on our relationship. Or perhaps an exorcism. 

On with the regularly scheduled post!

While I was in Target on Tuesday, I decided to capture some of things I loved so that I could share them with everyone who was disappointed in their local Target here in Toronto (I went to the Victoria Park location).

Now, don't get me wrong, like all reviews I had read on Canadian Target, there were a lot of shelves looking like this:

But I think maybe they have stocked up a bit for the University crowd dorm rooms supplies, because they had a lot of cute and cheap decor.

I loved the neon and green footrest (side table?). Neons seemed to be everywhere!

I had a bit of a crush on this patterned circular storage ottoman! The neon/grey one was cute too, but I think I am a pattern girl at heart!

I liked the hot pink wire bases of these side tables. I wish one would have fit on the balcony, but the top was a bit too big!

Aren't these birdie jewellery holders super cute? Gold seams to be making a comeback and these would look pretty sweet in a dressing room!

I loved all three of these lampshades, but I think the one on the left is my favourite. It was a lovely fabric that I also saw on a couple other accessories.

I don't really see the point in a slipper chair, since I like to curl up when sitting on an upholstered chair, but I liked the fabric! And the price!

Hmm, I seemed to be finding a lot of yellow things to drool over, like these yellow, industrial stools! 2 stools were included in that $99 price tag, which I thought was a great deal. No need for stools in my place, however!

This place was like heaven for ottomans. There was a whole aisle of cute ones besides these few. I wonder if they has just restocked, because I imagine these would go like hotcakes.

What are the chances they would have TWO cute slow cookers for decent prices (but no fun toasters!)? I can't remember what the blue one was priced as (it was in the wrong spot), but that Trellis one was only $30? I have no where to store such an appliance, but I WANT one.

Lastly, I just thought these were a nifty idea- cup holder stakes for a garden! I wonder if they would actually stay up, though.

Anyways, that was my first trip to Target in Canada, and as you can see I still managed to find a bunch of cute things despite a few empty shelves and I will definitely go back again. I just wish they would build one closer to my condo because it was quite a trek out to Victoria Park!


  1. Can't believe how empty that first shelf is! Target Canada needs to step up their game!

  2. It's so frustrating! I wish they would at least put out a statement of some sort explaining why the shelves are so empty. Although the home stuff is usually not so bad, it's mainly the grocery and beauty section that is empty...non the less I am really liking those yellow stools

  3. I saw those wire stools in my Target last weekend and adored them.

  4. I can't remember from your earlier post- but is this a new store?

    I remember when Target came to Hawaii (maybe a year or two ago) and the shelves were empty- mostly because people are so excited to have a new store they buy more (my opinion). And they don't get shipments in that fast and/or can't stock the shelves fast enough.

    Anyway- I now have the strangest craving for a Target stroll- I love those lamp shades!


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