Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My First Trip to Target

I finally decided to check out a Target store in the city. Target came in Canada this past spring, but every single review I had heard said they just weren't very good. However, I had a broken toaster on my hands so I figured it was an excuse to finally make the trek out to Target to buy a new toaster! I decided to go to the one at Victoria Park because it is a straight shot on the subway from work. I don't really like that area, having visiting it as a possibility when condo shopping and then running away as fast as I could after seeing the area. In fact, as I was leaving the subway some guy came up to me and said "I like your personality". CREEPY. I had my headphones in so I pretended I didn't hear him and hightailed it down the street. It is a very populated area, so it isn't unsafe to walk around...but ya...

Anywho, I quickly found the Target and got down to shopping! I went with really low expectations of the store, but I was actually pleasantly surprised and found many cute things that might have come home with me if I had a car/bigger home. I guess I would say Target is like a mix of Homesense and Walmart. And I love me some Homesense (but I hate the Walmart in Toronto). I will show you some of the cute stuff I found tomorrow, but today I will share what DID come home with me (spoiler alert: it was more than a toaster).

1. Toaster!

Yes, I did get a new toaster. I really wanted a colourful toaster (which U.S. Target seems to have tons of), but they only had red ones and red just isn't my colour. However, a white one is just fine by me since all my appliances are white. Plus it was like $20 and has a reheat setting, which I like since I tend to make my toast early and let it cool off because I hate runny peanut butter getting on my hands. Some mornings I get distracted and my toast gets cold! So yay to reheating toast. I need a life.

2. New Cutlery

This is the exact same cutlery I owned before. It is plastic and I find it tends to fall apart after a couple of years (this is my 3rd set!). I love this set because it hangs and I have no cutlery drawer. I was super stoked to find it since I had bought my last set in Buffalo at Target.

3. Shower Curtain!

You may be able to tell from the colour scheme of this curtain, but I am going with teal for the bathroom! It will be awhile until I have time to paint, but I didn't want to pass up this curtain. I like how it had teal and yellow, so I can tie yellow into my decor now. Teal is a hard colour to coordinate to! However, if I am being truthful, I really fell in love with this curtain:

The colours are WAY more vibrant in person (my phone is sucky). But alas, they did not have it in stock. I may check another Target in the coming weeks and see if I can find it. They have a 90 day return policy, so I can always return the teal/yellow one. They had a really nice selection of fabric shower curtains, if you need one!

4. Movies!

I found some choice selections in the $5 DVD section! I loooove these movies, and I hope I am not alone in that! I also eyed up a full-price Pocahontas DVD for my Disney collection, but I couldn't justify paying $28 for it. Perhaps Santa reads my blog and will put it on his list for me this Christmas? I swear I have been a good girl!


  1. I long for the day Target makes it over to the UK. I really like the shower curtain you took home! Teal is a great colour for a bathroom.

    1. well Target JUST came to Canada. they are slow!

  2. Glad you were pleasantly surprised! We've been debating checkin out target next time we trek into the city but the negative reviews have left me standoffish. Cute shower curtain!

  3. Hey Casey, next time I'm in Guelph with Nicole we'll check the Target there for you re that shower curtain! Sounds like a fun trip. I love the cutlery too!

  4. So glad you decided on Teal! It'll look great

  5. Yay, you got a toaster!
    I had no idea that Target just arrived in Canada!

  6. Welcome to the phenomenon that has been plaguing us Americans for years: when you go into a Target store for one thing, you come out with 5!

    The teal is going to look great!

  7. MATILDA! I loved that movie!

    I have yet to check out Target, mostly because I'm lazy.

  8. So, when you were over at Vic. Park did you check out Frontier Sales and Furniture? It's one of my favorite used furniture stores

    1. no! But it is probably for the best, since Id have no way of carrying home furniture if I fell in love!

  9. I LOVE Target!

    I think only once in my life have I ever left with buying just what was on my list and/or staying within budget.

    I was so excited I told the cashier and even she was a surprised LOL

    That shower curtain is really pretty- I can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out. Now that I think of it, we buy all of our shower curtains from Target...


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