Friday, August 16, 2013

"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

...How does your garden grow?"

With silver bells and cockle shells
and some dead plants in a row!

I am out of town for my friend's wedding this weekend, so I thought I would give a quick update on how my balcony garden is doing.

Short answer...not so good. I am hope some of my bloggy friends know more about plant care than me!

Some of my plants have died :(

I'm not sure what happened to the first plant (believed to be a peony). Half of it died! And I can't find any record of this on the internet to find out what to do. This half was always falling over and as you can see, I tried to stake it...but it died anyway. Should I clip it back somehow?

I know how my pink quill died, though. The plant instructions said to water it when it dries out, but it turns out they don't like to be watered at all! Just misted. So I am letting it dry out a bit, and then I will try misting it. I don't think it is 100% dead yet...

However, my other plants are happy!

The star of the balcony right now is my succulent planter. Look at how happy my one succulent is: it BLOOMED!

Bahahaha it looks so funny. But the flowers are so pretty. Any ideas on how to keep it happy or ideas on something I should do about the bloom to get the most out of it?

So ya...from now I am going to just buy succulents. Apparently they love me!

Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. I think overall you're doing great!! I have a hard time with plants that don't like to be watered... If they don't need watering once a week like my other plants, they will die from too much lovin' lol I have a pathos plants that I gt from ikea about 4 years ago and have repotted it twice. This thing grows like crazy and all I have done is give it a cup of water once a week and leave it in a pretty bright mostly indirectly sunny area

  2. Succulents are the only plants I can keep alive, indoors. You should just get more of those :P

  3. I can moan along with you. Despite giving all of my window boxes a through soaking before we went camping, everything was DEAD on my return. What a disappointment.

  4. I AM SO WITH YOU. I kill any plants that aren't succulents!


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