Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lazy Is as Lazy Does

The bathroom is still not painted. Because I still have not bought paint. Because paint is located at the store and I don't feel like going to the store. Because that would involve effort.

I love this comic because my name is KC, and I like cats, and being lazy.

Actually, in truth, I haven't been completely lazy. I did wash some towels yesterday, so that's something. I have just have a lot of plans! I had dinner plans on Monday, Tuesday, and today! And then tomorrow I am off to go camping!!! So a lot of this week has been social commitments/camping planning. And then Monday night I decided to just relax after dinner (I haven't been feeling very well this week) and I played The Sims and ended up with an alien/fairy baby. So then Tuesday night I totally had to play again to see if my alien/fairy baby grew up to be cute, right? right.

But then after an hour of playing on Tuesday night my game crashed and I lost all that evening's work on my sims. Stupid karma for being lazy two days in a row.

I seriously thought I would be so much more productive on blog content in the summer. I spent all winter dreaming all days where there would be natural light after 4:30pm! Of course, I forgot that summer also comes with patios, roadtrips, and a general desire to NOT be in my condo. And honestly, when I look back on these summers of my twenties, I don't want to remember staying in to hot glue some do-dads or paint a bathroom (though I promise I will paint it soon!).

Everyone looks forward to fall for some reason, but I am not! I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer and I have no desire to wear sweaters or drink hot chocolate. Plus, it rains a lot in the fall and it's cold and windy and generally never the proper weather to frolic through the leaves anyway. The only good thing about fall is that hopefully I will actually have the TIME to start running again. All those beers on the patio have added up ;).

I still can't believe summer is coming to and end!! It is kind of appropriate that my annual camping trip with the girls is right at the end because it sure makes the end of summer a little more bearable! Not to mention JAMAICA right after!

After all that I promise to be a better blogger...maybe



  1. I feel ya.

    I need new sandals for engagement pictures on Saturday. Have I made it to the store yet? Nope. Too lazy.

  2. I *love* the Sims! I was so addicted to it on the PC that when I got an xbox, I bought it for the xbox. It's not the same and I was slightly embarrassed that my friends could see that I was spending hours playing it, but I still really liked it!

    1. ommmg my dad emailed me last night to say they are coming out with sims4!

  3. Lazy....don't know that word...? We ARE blood relatives, right?? xo Sheila

  4. I would like to see a picture of said alien/fairy baby.... :D

  5. I'm with you...I hate when summer ends. I love procrastinating, and the cold weather makes me sad. Happy camping.

  6. I LOVE that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. So good! <3


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