Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bridal Emergency Kit

You know the old saying "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"? My life is kind of like that- except that I am always maid of honour, never a bridesmaid! This weekend I have the privilege to be up there next to the bride for the third time (fourth, but some reckoning!).  And through my years of maid of honouring, I have learned a few tricks about how to best perform my duties!

See, the role of a maid of honour is not to just throw the bachelorette party, or help the bride with fittings and showers, or even to give a speech. One of the most important parts is handling minor stresses on the day of the wedding so that the bride can relax and enjoy herself. Most weddings (OK, all) that I have been to did not have a wedding planner, so in my opinion, the role of problem-solver falls to the MOH.

As such, the maid of honour needs to come prepared! And that means having a kit ready to solve any minor hiccups.

And what is in my kit, you may ask?

1. Bandages: While it is unlikely that the bride will cut herself on the cake knife, a blister or a papercut is quite likely!

2. Nail clippers (or a nail file): when dealing with delicate lace dresses, a snagged nail is no friend

3. Breath mints: the bride is going to be doing a lot of kissing, and I am sure both the bride and groom enjoy fresh breath

4. Needle and thread (in white and the bridesmaids' colour): I actually used this at the last wedding I was in when a hook and eye flew off the back of a dress!

5. Feminine hygiene products: You can imagine that about half the guests and wedding party at a wedding are ladies, and you never know...

6. Eyelash glue: Brides and bridesmaids often wear fake eyelashes when they get all dolled up, but tearing eyes can cause them to pop loose.

7. Bobby pins and hair ties: Bobby pins helps keep everyone's hair in place for photos, but hair ties come in handy for hours of dancing and working up a sweat!

8. Safety pins: Just in case something comes loose

9. Drugs!: A few too many glasses of wine or a lot of loud music can cause a headache that might ruin someone's evening

10. Small scissors: helps to tame runaway threads

11. Stain remover pen: I actually used this too a wedding when a drop of someone's drink got on the wedding dress. They are usually safe for dry-clean-only material, but you can test it on a non-conspicuous spot before using on a stain

12. Tissues: So many people (myself included...) cry at weddings. I have a little trick where I hide a couple tissues in my hand that holds the bouquet! You can even quickly slip one to a crying bridesmaid (or bride, if the timing is right).

Items not pictures (but I usually would bring too) are a small mirror for makeup touch ups and teeth checks, and a pen! You never know when a pen will come in handy...even if it is for getting the number of a cute groomsman ;)

Other items you can bring, if you think your wedding warrants it:
- clear nail polish for pantyhose runs (this is a summer wedding, so no pantyhose)
- fake rings in case the real ones are forgotten at the hotel
- floss
- granola bar (hey- sometimes you don't eat for a long time!)
- hand sanitizer
- super glue
- flask ;)

I keep all items in a plastic baggie so I don't lose anything, and so it stays separate from my own important things- like my cash, ID, and camera!!

I can't wait to be there for my friends on their big day!!! Also- today is the bride's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENI!! :D

Myself and the bride and groom at Oktoberfest in 2011!


  1. Wow, your preparedness amazes me! I'm totally impressed and plan on referring back to this list if I am ever a MOH.

  2. So useful! I'm going to be a MOH next year... Will keep this in mind!

  3. Awesome little kit! I need to keep these in mind.

  4. Wow you are so organized!

    Thankfully I didn't have any major hiccups on my wedding day but I would have been so glad to have a kit like this as backup!

  5. Amazing! You are the best MOH ever!! Sheila

  6. I was reading a blog today that mentioned yours and I couldn't help but wonder what "waffling" was. But you're a girl after my own heart, not afraid of posting tampons. Granted OB's are literally the most frightening thing in the world to me. You can be my maid of honor so long as you ditch the ob's, deal?

  7. Great ideas! I should have my MOH read this and take some notes! ;)


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