Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Long Weekend!

Up here in Canada (or maybe just Ontario?) we get a random day off in August. It's called Civic Holiday, but to be honest I am not really sure of the purpose of it. Frankly, I think it is just to give us a nice long weekend in the middle of the summer!

I was in town this weekend, but I was actually pretty busy! On Friday I ran some errands (new bikinis for Jamaica in a month!). and then headed over to my friend Jeni's place. Jeni's fiance was out of town for the weekend for his bachelor party, so Jeni and I were focusing on getting some wedding stuff done while he was gone. Of course, somehow that meant take-out thai food and then going to karaoke! It was a fun night and I had a few too many beers and then crashed at Jeni's place.

Saturday afternoon we walked to the distillery district (so nice- I don't think I've ever gone there in the summer, must visit sometime soon) for some shopping. Then I headed home because my friend Steph was coming over! It was a bit of a nightmare when Steph got here because there was no parking left in my building, but we just paid a ridiculous amount to park in one of the Caribana parking lots near my building and moved her car back later in the evening. (I live right near the Caribana parade route but I have honestly never wanted to go).

Our plan for the evening was a boat cruise club! We had bought tickets on a Groupon for a Girls Nite Out cruise. Basically it is a boat that is a night club. It wasn't really as much fun as they had billed it as, and we got tired long before our 2am docking time, but it was a pretty decent evening!

Ooh...did I mention I got my hair done on Thursday? It is soooo soft and pretty!!

Sunday morning I went to pick up my bike from getting the gears repaired at Canadian Tire, only to get there and have them inform me my back wheel is out of alignment and I should get it fixed. I was sooooo mad. They could have called and asked me to authorize that repair rather than waiting for me to come in to pick it up!! So my bike is still at the repair shop. ARGH! Then I went for a run along the waterfront, which was now littered with hundreds of coconuts from the Caribana parade on Saturday. I hope someone cleans that up because those will start to ROT. gross.

Sunday afternoon I met Jeni again at the mall for some shopping (I got a big beach hat for Jamaica!), and then we grabbed some delicious fish tacos and a pitcher of mojitos (yum!) at Milestones on their patio. After that we picked up some sushi for dinner and had a relaxing night in with some yummy pina coladas and Netflix.

Monday we slept in, did some more shopping (I'm sensing a trend?), and then greeted her fiance and future brother-in-law as they came home from what sounded like a really nice trip! Overall it was really fun and relaxing weekend in the city. I think my liver might need a bit of a break, though!


  1. Canada has so many long weekends!
    The US needs to take notes!

    1. Yes, but there is a mysterious gap between our thanksgiving in October and Christmas. If they filled that in, life would be perfect!


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