Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's In My Purse?

Melanie over at Mailbox Journey is hosting a link up party where we all disclose the oh-so-secret contents of our purses! Since this week has been crazy I thought it would be a fun little post for you today:)

I am very picky about my purses and I also tend to get bored quickly so I buy cheaper ones so I don't feel guilty when I donate it after a few months- however this one has been on my arm for a very long time now!

1. Makeup- confession....I have more makeup than this in my purse. However even if I am switching to a clutch you will generally find a small mirror, eyelash glue, lipstick, and lip chap (I rarely wear lipstick, but you never know when you may need it!)

2. Blackberry- clearly need my phone! I really don't like it, though.

3. Keys- I keep my "daily" keys on a lanyard that hangs out side of my purse so I can easily find them; I lose keys in the smallest purses! I keep lesser used keys on a different key ring that is free to get lost in the depths of my purse

4. IPod- I always listen to music to and from work!

5. Sunglasses- I buy cheap sunglasses so I never need to worry about them getting squished in my purse

6. Puffer- I rarely get an asthma attack, but just in case (note to self- I should check that expiry date on it!)

7. Wallet- I looooove this Fossil wallet that I found in a sales rack at Macy's a few years ago.

I also tend to have my tiny umbrella in my purse (it is so tiny!) but with all the rain yesterday, it is currently drying out in the front hall. Speaking of the rain, I hope everyone got home safely yesterday!! I did get home fine from work, but then went downtown for dinner since I didn't know this would hit! Thankfully I could walk back through the underground path to a bus that goes right to my condo- so the subways being down didn't affect me. It looks like the condo lost power while I was at dinner but it was back on when I got home. My phone seems to not be working but I am so thankful that I was able to get home so easily and safely. I hope my fellow Torontonians are OK!

Mailbox Journey


  1. Thanks for participating, Casey! :)

    Glad you got home safe! I saw that you are "on-call" for work today, because of the power. I don't get the weather report for Canada here, so I have no idea what's going on up there!

    1. Short answer: we got a record-breaking buttload of rain and all the subways and many roads flooded. Knocked out the power to my office so Ive been home all day!

  2. Love the print on your wallet.

    Hope you stay safe today whether you end up heading to work or bunkering down in the condo!

  3. I hear ya on buying cheap sunglasses.. broke a few pair of ray bans and finally learned my lesson! Also I LOVE your purse where is it from?!

    1. It's David Jones. I got it at Winners last year!

      This is the closet one I could find http://www.holiday.ca/shop/brands/david-jones/product/east-west-satchel1


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