Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend In Beantown

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Boston! It was a long weekend in Canada, and with my friend's upcoming wedding this summer we decided it would be really fun to do a weekend away in a city we had never been to- Boston!

Getting out of the city was a little tough- due to bad weather we got stuck at the airport for an additional 2 hours. But we finally made it on our plane just in time and got into Boston at midnight! A friend of a friend of ours was gracious enough to let us stay at her apartment just outside the city for the first two nights and because it was a little far by transit I had prebooked a large SUV to take us. When we ended up getting in so late we were so thankful to get to our place faster!

Once we quickly brushed our hair and freshened up we went out for some drinks at a great pub called The Publick House! Lots of microbrews available to try. We also wore the Tshirts that I had thrown together at the last minute this week using some iron-on transfer sheets I got at Walmart. They were a hit and we wore them all day Saturday too!

The girls' shirts said "I'm With The Bride"
We sleep in a little the next day and then we headed out to Sam Adam's Brewery for a tour and tasting! We had a great lunch on site first (I had the pizza, but I heard the catfish sandwich was to die for).

After the tour we took the trolly to Doyle's, which is a famous restaurant that is also the first place to serve Sam Adams on tap. Now, the trolly ITSELF was the funnest thing I have ever been on! It blares music and we had so much fun that when the driver mentioned he was coming at 4:30pm to pick people up for a "party tour" in an hour we knew we had to be on it! We quickly downed more beer and shared a lobster roll (yum!) before hopping back on that trolley!

We had met a bunch of guys who were on the brewery tour with us who happened to be on a bachelor's party so we banded with them and another group and pretty much took over the trolley. The driver first took us to a liquor store so we could buy some booze for the tour (honestly) and then we drove all over Boston while blaring music and dancing. The inside part had a disco ball, but we mostly hung out on the open back part and sang along to the music. It was crazy-fun!

The shirtless guy is the groom
The trolly dropped us off downtown so we all got off and just continued our fun at a few different bars. We wanted to go to this dueling piano bar called "Howl at the Moon" but it ended up being so crowded and had a huge line, so we decided to skip it and go someplace else! Still- we had so much fun finally crawled into bed late that night, after drinking for over 12 hours!

Sunday morning we woke up late, said goodbye to one of our friends who had to leave, and went to brunch at this steampunk themed restaurant- it was really yummy! Then we packed our stuff up from the apartment we were staying at and headed down to our hotel downtown for our last night in the city. I had gotten a great deal for a penthouse suite at the Omni Parker Hotel on Expedia. It was super nice and they even gave us a bunch of waters (I think they knew what we were going to get up to!)

View from our room

The suite!

We decided to walk around the city and after a bit we ended up stopping at this bar on the waterfront that sold drinks in giant fishbowls! They even had one for $75 that apparently was for 10 people, but we never saw it. Our giant drink was apparently only for 3 people!

After finishing off that delicious bowl (which we got to keep!), we headed down to the Barking Crab to feast on some seafood! The restaurant is right on the water in this big, colourful tent. The service was so-so (but we did like our waiter), however the food was amazing!! The lobster bisque was to die for. We shared that, along with some lobster guacamole. My meal itself was crab cakes and clam chowder. MMM!

After that we went back to the hotel to freshen up, have some drinks, and get ready for another evening out on the town! We ended up deciding to try Howl at the Moon again and we were so glad we did because it was so much less busy and we had so much fun dancing and singing along to the piano. And yes- when we found out they served drinks in a giant bucket we had to order one. This was a super-size drinks kinda day!

We met so many fun people and ended up out so late! We finally all seemed to finally fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning. On Monday we slept in as much as possible before heading back to the airport to come home :(. Our plane was delayed again and then we had the worst turbulence so it wasn't the best ending to our trip but we all agreed that we had tons of fun! I am so thankful to all of them for making it such a fun weekend for the bride! Can't wait to see them all again at the wedding!


  1. Sounds amazing! I wish I had done more stuff like that at your age! Hey - who got to keep the drink bowel?? If it was you...I'll buy you a Beta Fish for it! xo Sheila

  2. That looks like such an AWESOME weekend!

  3. Wow! That looks like an awesome weekend! Admittedly, slightly jealous here.

    It seems like it was a big weekend for bachelor/ette parties... my hubby had one for a friend of his on Saturday/Sunday too!


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