Monday, July 29, 2013

Update on LIFE!

I have been so busy this summer! I think this was the first weekend since JUNE started that I was actually home in my own bed. It felt so nice! The only plan I had this weekend was my mom's pool party for the family on Saturday (which, of course, was the only day this week where it was cool and rainy!) However, that didn't seem to phase the younger ones from getting their swim on. Or their rock sorting behind the hot tub on...

I had all these plans for this weekend. The condo is a mess, my balcony table needed to be stained, the windows needed washing, my bathroom needs painting.... but instead I found myself just relaxing at all times. It was a really nice change of pace from my action packed summer.

So I thought today I would just update a whole lotta stuff!

1. Running
I actually went for a run on Friday! I went about 5km and I think it took about 45 minutes (I really need to get a watch for running). So it was sloooow, but it felt good to finally get out there again after a long summer of finding excuses. I was going to run on Saturday and Sunday too, but I wore out my legs! I guess 5km was a little ambitious after such a long break. I do have the Terry Fox Run in Sept, which is 10km, so I am hoping to work my way up to running a full 10km again. The Tfox isn't timed, so it is ok if I am a bit slower than my 10km in May.

2. Biking
I have rode my bike to work a couple of times this summer, but it was so darn hot for weeks on end (which led to rain forecasts daily!) that I haven't made it a regular thing yet. It is about a hours ride, so you really have to have nice weather. However, when riding home last week I realized my bike was unable to get out of first gear. I actually think it may have always been broken (the gear indicator says it is in second, but the gear doesn't actually change). So that sucks, but it is still under warranty, so I rode it (in first gear) to Canadian Tire this weekend and dropped it off at their repair centre. I hopefully will get it back in a couple days and start riding to work again soon!

3. DCP Treatment
This one isn't going as well. I keep breaking out in blisters so I have gone down and down in dosage. And since decreasing my dosage I swear my hair has started to fall out again. I really hate that I have to wait until November to talk to the dermatologist about this. The nurses who apply it are really nice, but they are too nice to tell me the truth. And I don't think they are supposed to give me advice; They just give me a dosage that should avoid blisters. Oh well

4. New Diet
Since finding out I am allergic to shellfish and milk, I have been trying to cut them out of my diet. I already failed and ate lobster last week. Oops. Milk has been pretty tough. I don't intend to cut it out 100%, but I am trying to reduce it a lot to see if I feel any different. I have never had a reaction to milk (nor have I reacted to any shellfish besides shrimp) and I can't find anything online about having a positive skin test to something and never having reacted to it. Anywho, I found some soy yogurt and soy cheese that aren't too bad so that is happy news! 

I just can't believe that July is almost over. That means summer is half over! I have been having so much fun and I need at least 3-4 more months of sunshine before I am ready to face winter again. Sigh!


  1. Seriously, summer cannot be half over! I need a restart and some nice weather!

  2. Hey Casey - can't you bump up your dermatologist appointment? Get on a cancellation list...? :(


    1. nope, appointments need to be 6 months apart and that means Nov! My regular doc is on mat leave so I dont even know how familiar this new doc is with the program anyway

  3. Winter months are upon us...blah. Why did you remind me?


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