Friday, July 5, 2013

Looking Like a Fool With Your Plants On The Ground

For a long time I have left the poor purple potted plant (say that 5 times fast) on the ground.

It is kind of silly because the plant is not very large and therefore not very commanding in this spot! Plus, I really needed a small table out here for drinkies with guests. Soooo...enter Ikea! I was there this week picking up a new plant and I found this adorable Applaro folding stool that fit the bill. Do you know how hard it is to find outdoor side tables or small coffee tables? Impossible! So I was pretty psyched to find this one for only $20!

Plus it came pre-assembled. #ikeawin

While I was outside I also repotted my tree-plant so that it would stop falling over (I had just plopped the existing pot in the stand before).

Ugh, I really need to restain that table!

I am going away this weekend for my old university roommate's wedding!! I am super excited and I shall be back with all the details next week! Congrats in advance, Cuddy!!


  1. Love that stool!

  2. Yay!!! Thanks Casey! Love the new pot for your "tree-plant"! xoxo Can't wait to see you!!!

  3. Have a great weekend! Sheila


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