Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm On A Boat!

Will I ever get tired of singing this song when I am on a boat? I think not.

This weekend I decided to spend my first weekend at home (I have been out of town the previous four weekends!) by....going out of town! My brother and I usually spend Father's Day at our dad's boat, but this year we were both out of town that weekend, so we made up for it by going up this weekend! Unfortunately my SIL had to work so we were still short one person.

I actually went to my dad's on Friday to help with a bit of gardening (there were dandelions 5ft high. It was impressive). We drove up to Lake Simcoe on Saturday morning and the sun was already hot! Thankfully the boat has air conditioning. My bro and my niece joined us after lunch and then we spent the afternoon playing at the park and at the beach. They left after dinner and dad and I spent a quiet night watching baby ducks :)

We rarely ever go out on the water (usually just when we have non-family guests up). I like to call the boat my dad's "floating cottage" because it is basically a weekend house for him. My uncle also docks his boat at this marina, as do some friends of theirs, so it is really a community there. If you want to go out on the lake for a boat ride, there is usually someone willing to take you!

I took some shots of the inside of the boat to show you how cool it is! Dad would have probably liked me to have cleaned up first, but three adults and a baby can make a mess pretty quickly!

The main room:

In this photo I am standing at the bottom of the stairs. There is a table to the left (obviously), and on the right is the small kitchen. Dad added a Keurig machine this year because he is fancy like that. He also has a microwave, toaster, and hotplate so we can cook most anything! At the bow of the boat is dad's bed and a TV for curling up and watching movies.

View from the bed:

The mirrored door is the bathroom. I rarely ever use it because there are nice bathrooms on the shore for everyone to use. Behind the bathroom (in that crawlspace) is "my" room. Since I tend to stay over on the boat more than my brother I have claimed it.

My room:

It is a bit tight (you have to crawl in), but it is a double bed and quite comfortable. It is mainly used for storage when I am not there. The amazing thing about boats like this is how much storage they can squeeze in! There is absolutely no wasted space- if there is a bit of clearance it has been turned into a shelf, or drawer, or cubby space. Hanging out on this boat is good preparation for living in a tiny condo like mine!

The back of the boat (the open air part), is quite nice and my dad and I like to sit out there reading in the morning on days where I can drag myself out of my cubby-bed. I find I get the BEST sleep on the boat.

Anyway, I find blogs with babies tend to be more popular in the blog-world, so I shall finish off this post with a million photos of my niece! ;) I hope you had a nice weekend too!

I am still not sure how she went from this:

To this:

In only a year!


  1. She's so cute!! Looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  2. That is a sexy boat! And no I will never be able to be on a boat and not sing "I'M ON A BOAT!!!!" It is standard.
    Your niece is ridiculously cute. I need one for blog fodder. Maybe we can share her?

    1. the right of passage for sharing a niece is changing a poopy diaper


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