Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evening on the Town

Last night my friend Stephanie came out to visit me! Steph and I have been friends since we were twelve, and have known each other since we were six! She is one of my best friends (I was Maid of Honour at her wedding two years ago) and we make an effort to try and get together at least once a month to catch up, since we don't live too close to each other. Since I have been away for a bazillion weekends in a row, I hadn't seen her in ages. But I had borrowed her tent and she needed it back so she made a special Wednesday trip out to visit me :)

She was supposed to park at my place and then we would walk to dinner, but stupid me forgot they were powering washing the garage and there is no visitors parking this week (I found this out on Tuesday when Erika came over, but completely forgot to tell Steph!). Anywho, Steph was a good sport so we drove down to the waterfront area where we were eating and paid a ridiculous amount of money to park over there. Sigh!

We went to the new Amsterdam BrewHouse that just opened up a few weeks ago on the waterfront. The Amsterdam Brewery used to be near my condo, but it closed last year to make way for construction of the new Loblaws. I was excited when I saw this restaurant/brewery open up! The atmosphere was really cool and we enjoyed our sample beers (you can order 4 sample sizes of different beers vs just one pint!) and our food was delicious....but the service was terrible. I don't know if it was because they are new, or if was just a bad night, but it was BAD. Luckily Steph and I weren't in a rush (a lot of people were trying to make to the Jays game nearby), so we just sat back and enjoyed talking while we waited. I think I might try it again next summer when they have worked out the kinks of a new staff.

After dinner we took a walk along the pier and ended up getting some sherberts down the other end. Then we walked back towards a beautiful sunset and enjoyed our treat. I even found out there is a free outdoor theatre down there on Wednesday nights- awesome!! Need to hit that up sometime since this is walking distance from my place.

I am also pretty sure this theatre wouldn't mind you smuggling in your own popcorn....or "juice" ;)

After that we stopped for a shot with the CN tower before heading on home.

It was a super nice evening with my girl and it is nights like this that make me appreciate that I live in the city and can just walk to all these amazing places- I need to make an effort to do it more!

What's your favourite part about the place where you live?


  1. Free outdoor theater!? That is amazing!

  2. I went to the Amesterdam Brewery a couple weeks ago. You're right. The service is TERRIBLE. We went on a Friday night and waited close to an hour to be seated on the patio. Once we were seated, we waited 15 minutes just to get our menus! The food took forever too. Suffice to say, we wont be back.

    I didn't know the WestJet stage had free movies on Wednesday nights! Good to know!

    1. I didnt know either!

      We actually didnt have to wait at all for a table (good timing?) but ya, everything seemed to take so long to come after it was ordered!


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