Friday, July 12, 2013

Balcony Trim (Part 2)

Hello! Guess what I did yesterday!

I installed the trim on the balcony!

My dad's idea was to attach the trim with velcro strips, so that it could be easily pried off if I needed to replace a floor tile. We bought a pack that is designed for outdoor use, and is waterproof, so it will hold up well.

To install, I dry-fitted the pieces of trim and then took one off and laid it out beside it's spot. I cut the velcro into tiny strips and placed them evenly along. Then I just flipped it over and placed it. There wasn't a lot of space, so I went as close to the edge as possible.

OMG- please ignore how badly I need to wash the windows and trim out here. It is on the to-do list, but it is a big task!

All in all, I am not in love with the velcro, though. I find it shows a bit in some places, no matter how much I adjusted! Plus, the trim isn't lying completely flat. However- it is in! The package says it takes 24 hours for it to really set so I am going to keep adjusting and see if I can get it to sit a bit better. But at least the trim isn't blue.

One last before and after :)



All I have left to do is restain that table in the back and CLEAN the floor and windows! I am so glad the humidity has broken and my summer schedule has died down a bit because I can't wait to sit out here and relax!

You know...after I finish the bathroom reno :)


  1. Wow everything turned out so nice! I really like the black trim!

  2. Look at your beautiful little balcony!!! Nice job, it looks great!

  3. It looks fantastic!!! It looks like such a nice little oasis! Do you spend all of your time out there? I would! :)

  4. It's amazing! Like a SPA balony! Can't wait to see it! xo Sheila

  5. Wow! What a transformation! Makes me wish I had a balcony


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