Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend In the Country

I don't mean to be so MIA lately, but you will just have to get used to less blog posts from me because I am so busy! Lots of travel and plans and it is all fun stuff so I am not really complaining. Last weekend I headed out to Shawville, QC with my friends Jeni and Brandon, who are getting married this summer! You may remember I was out there last fall with both of them for the Shawville Fair. It was a long drive, but I was just a passenger in the car.

On Saturday the bride and I (I am her maid of honour!) had two showers to attend. They were both very lovely, but I don't have any photos because I really hate experiencing events behind a camera and I was quite happy to chat with all the ladies who attended and eat the delicious food prepared by the hosts.

On Saturday night we were invited to a BBQ for the younger folk. What the couple didn't know was this was a surprise sexy shower for them, hosted by her two best friends! We had so much fun, complete with inappropriately shaped foods.
There was another cake that I can't picture here!
Besides gifts to open and games to play, there were also adorable 4 week old puppies to play with! They were English Bulldogs and just the cutest pile of rolls that I have ever held. I debated kidnapping one.

After we put the puppies to bed and had our fill of food, we went out to the backyard for a big bonfire. It was a great night and I definitely enjoyed having the chance to sleep in the next morning!

Sunday was just relaxing on the deck before driving the long way home. It was a great weekend and so much fun to get back out to the country again. This weekend I am flying out to Boston, so the traveling is not letting up any time soon!!


  1. Sounds like fun times Casey ENJOY - ops - you ARE! I recall those years (I sound old) of lots of showers and wedding planning...sooo much fun! Now I can live vicariously through your blog. Yay! Thanks for sharing. The puppies are adorable!
    xo Sheila

  2. cute puppies and love the cake!!!


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