Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goals and Roadblocks

I have a lot I still want to do to my tiny condo. However, time and funds are just not in abundance at this time so I am kind of tackling little projects as I can get to them. Like installing the trim on the balcony; It's been almost a month since I bought the trim and I have all the paint and stuff I need- I just don't have the time to sit down and get it done! It is definitely a weekend project (paint two coats, cut down, install, etc etc) and I just don't have any weekends in the foreseeable future!

I also want to paint my bathroom and get some new shelving up in there, but funds are a little tight right now. Turns out my dental plan did not cover a lot of my wisdom teeth removal and I have so many weekends away this summer that I just can't prioritize that type of spending until things start to even out a bit!

I am also trying to get back into running and incorporating more gym time into my evenings (the gym doesn't open early enough for me to use it before work!) so my evenings have gotten a bit tighter on time as well!

But that is life, you have to power through some busy patches a bit. Life is really good and fun right now, so I cannot complain! I just have to make some blog vs life priorities. Sarah at The Ugly Duckling House did a post the other day about the evils of the couch. She juggles grad school in addition to working and blogging AND she gets so much done. Her advice is just to NOT sit down when you get home- keep on going! So that is what I am trying to do now- instead of coming home and taking off my pants and putting on my housecoat (natch), I am going to spend some time cleaning and getting my life in order! Heck, maybe I will even start actually planning blog posts ;)

I am also going to start prioritizing. This blog does not make me money. It is a hobby (that I LOVE, but a hobby nonetheless). So sometimes I may not post. This is probably because I am out doing fun things (or the condo was a sty and I needed to stop living like a pig and clean it). Sometimes I will post about these things, but I hate to live behind a camera and taking weird shots of people (who may have not agreed to be on my blog!) and food, so sometimes I may not. I never want to feel like this blog is a chore.

It kind of sucks that the best light for photographing a blog in Toronto is in the summer, but in the summer I simply have no time for bigger projects or DIYs. Before I know it, it will be fall and the sun will be setting at 5pm again (gross). I even got a swanky remote for the camera and I have barely played with it!

So that is life right now. I certainly didn't plan such a long post! I better get off my butt now and start getting some stuff done before winter comes and ruins everything :)


  1. I hear you! The less time I spend on the couch the more that gets done!

  2. The whole sitting down advice is pretty accurate.
    If I go home after work, and I just starting doing things I get a lot done, but as soon as I sit down, it's game over. I also put my phone away, because usually I'm doing stuff, the phone rings, I sit down to take the call... and then I never get back up.

  3. Summers are definitely much too short here in Toronto! I wish you luck on finding time for the gym. Since summer is so short, I find I almost never make it to the gym until it's fall. :(

  4. When I get really bogged down with stuff and I have projects to complete I try to work in just a bit of time each day (30 mins to a hour)- if the piece needs paint I'll do one coat one evening, and a second a few days later when I have time - this way the stuff that takes the longest (paint drying) gets done while I'm sleeping :)
    Life has gone bonkers fo me recently so my blog has been silent for months (boo!) but I too am also really aware that the best time for photos of projects is now for us Toronto peeps - maybe this will be in the push I need to get back to blogging since I really do enjoy it (most of the time)

  5. power through my love! the summer is here and it's time to ENJOY :D


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