Thursday, June 6, 2013

Diet Coke Progress!

I am still recovering from my wisdom tooth surgery, so I am going to spend today doing a little recap of my goal to give up pop for a month. Sorry- life is a little slow when all you are doing is eating ice cream and sleeping. Unless you want a review of ice cream, then I am all there ;)

As you may remember, I gave up drinking Coke Zero at the beginning of May because I was worried about the health effects of drinking so much artificial sugar and chemicals (mmm...). It has been exactly one month and I am proud to say that I have not had one Coke Zero, Diet Coke, or Diet Pepsi that whole time!! If I really want a "special" drink I find I pick up a few Perriers now and again (we stock them at work too).

I did lapse on the full-no-pop commitment twice. I had a Sprite soon after giving up pop because I was at Ikea and needed something with my 75 cent hotdog (natch). Then, the night before my surgery, I had a Cherry Dr. Pepper, which was delicious and so worth it!

So after a month of basically drinking water and tea, how do I feel? I feel pretty great! Sometimes I crave one, but I have been holding out and I find drinking water solves the maybe it is actually just the feeling of thirst that I am experiencing! I find I have been 100% snacking less and I am still hoping this translates to a few pounds disappearing (I lost about 3, but I am attributing that to eating nothing but ice cream and apple sauce for 5 days). I also am saving money since my taps have free water and I drink the tea at work for free. Mwahaha. I am hoping that once I start running again (it has been a few weeks due to injury and then surgery!) I will see the effects of snacking less on my waistline.

So overall I am very proud of my ability to commit to this no-pop life! This is the first time I have shown any will power since giving up sucking my thumb when I was eight. I still am sticking with my original plan of having the occasional pop, but I do not plan on buying cases of it anymore.

Have you ever given anything up?


  1. Congratulations! I've never been much of a pop drinker (my vice is too much coffee, so same difference), but I do find myself snacking when I'm really just thirsty. I've been trying to drink more water by bringing a water bottle to work with me. I find I eat a lot less when I'm drinking enough water, the only problem is that I strangely hate drinking water haha.

    1. me too! Thats why I drink Perrier, it is a little more exciting than water!

  2. I've ne'er been much of a pop drinker but good for you for sticking to your goals! Diet pops are often an appetite stimulant so that could be part of the culprit of your snacking. Hope you're feeling better after your surgery :)

  3. Congrats! That's pretty impressive - I don't know if I could give up pop - I only have about one a week, but still it's a nice treat.

    Also - there's such a thing as cherry Dr. Pepper? i didn't know that and Dr. P is my pop of choice! Must.go.find.some!

    1. dooont! you will never be satisfied with any other pop again!!
      (PS- my dad found it at loblaws I think. it seems to randomly appear now and again)

  4. I drink club soda, which makes me feel better about my pop consumption, except that then, I load it up with fruit juice concentrate. Sometimes, I overwhelm myself with how smart I am. (Yup, sarcasm!)

    Good for you for breaking the habit! Are you going to keep at it for another month? Forever?


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