Thursday, June 27, 2013

Balcony "Garden" Update

I thought today I would give a little update on how my balcony plants are doing! I came back after the last weekend and they were looking pretty beat (oops) but I watered them and they seem to have perked up again! I even bought them some plant food from the dollar store. I am a good plant mommy :)

This one looks a little meh, but that is just because the blooms are dying off naturally so I can't be blamed for that!

This plant (the peony?) is sooooo dramatic. It is like the teenager of the family because of how dramatic is takes me missing it's watering. I will actually come out and it will be totally slumped over. It is actually kind of growing sideways now and I don't know how to get the roots vertical again. It actually did have a pretty white bloom, but it got blown off in a storm :(

Ya....this plant died like 6 weeks ago. I really need to go to the store and pick up a new one. haha. Flowering plants never live long so I want to get something green.

My $10 Loblaws tree is doing good! Sometimes I come over and it has tipped over a bit. Seems a bit loose in its pot so I am debating transplanting it directly to the planter and adding more soil. Good idea, or no?

The succulents!! Or as I call them, the awesomeulents! They are SO happy out here, and don't mind the heat at all! They are getting really big, so I am now wondering if I should get them their own pots? Though, I don't really have the space for it and I love the three of them together.

The happiest one out here is the light blue/green one. It is growing babies!

So that is a little update on how I have not killed all my plants yet (I still maintain the flower just reached the end of it's life cycle!). I wonder how they will all do when they come in for the winter.


  1. Stake your peony. Mine will flip over if the stalks are too dinky to hold up their heavy heads (buds&blooms), but a nice "back brace" (stake&twine) should straighten it out. You probably won't see any more blooms on it this summer so what you want to focus on is feeding your root structure so in the spring it will come back with more stalks and more blooms (each year you should get 1-2 new buds).

    Everything looks like it's thriving, so your black thumb must be a state of mind ;)

    1. Oh! I almost forgot: do not I repeat do not bury your peony roots deeper than is recommended — they really ARE dramatic and won't grow if their roots/bulb isn't juuuuust the right depth.

      If the off kilter tilt is really bothering you either re-pot in the fall or just cut the stalks back to the soil (also in fall) new stalks will grow up/toward the sun next year.


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