Friday, June 14, 2013

Ah, That's Better

I finally finished off the bathroom (well, for this stage!). After the new countertop went in, it looked kind of silly because the back and sides were still white. So even though I lost the back and side kind of looked like they were still there.

So, over the course of this week, I spackled up the few scratches around the side and sanded them down.

I love the pink spackle because it is easy for my to see when it dries because it turns white. Except I kept forgetting about it, which is why this project took me all week!

After I was happy with the smoothness of the walls, I taped off the countertop to prep for painting. I did test a strip of the tape on the side first just to make sure it wouldn't hurt the finish (it didn't).

Then I got to work! I used pieces of paper to protect the countertop and I kept a wet cloth on hand to wipe up any stray drops! I am a total helicopter parent about this sink now. haha.

With two coats I could call it done! The paint was left by the previous homeowner (it is Ralph Lauren "Impressionist") and it is almost completely gone. However I am planning on repainting the whole bathroom this year so I am not worried about no longer having it for touch ups.

Much better! The smooth, modern surface shows off much better next to a coloured wall! Now I think I need to find some more stylish solutions for all the stuff I keep on my countertop. I hate the clutter, but I need everything laid out when I get ready in the mornings because my brain just doesn't function that early.

I feel like I need to do another before and after ;)

Casey likey!

Happy weekend everyone! Plans? I am going to a cottage!!


  1. Maybe not these 'exactly' but this sort of thing might help. A tray underneath your goodies so that they don't look scattered but artfully collected.


    Those are huge though, but you get the idea. A neat little tray would look so cute!

    1. Just this morning I was brushing my teeth and thinking maybe I should get a cute little organizer so everything is still on the counter, by hidden.

      damn I love the flamingo line at ikea. Sarah said it was tacky, but I think I am just an 80 yr old floridian at heart

  2. I love the difference! The before and after shots are so impressive. It looks much better once the walls are painted, the contrast between the walls and the counter looks amazing. Good job Casey!

    I have no plans for the weekend but I'm jealous of you going to a cottage. I want to go to a cottage.

  3. It's lovely Casey! What a great sink. Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Nancy

  4. Looks amazing! Now that you know how to do it, can you come and do mine??! Gee - thanks!

    Going garage sale shopping at Garrett's mom's (Bonnie) townhouse complex tomorrow a.m. in Pickering, taking Grandma.

    You'll be away for Father's Day...??!


  5. That looks great, Casey!

    I'm loving the new sink- very modern =)

  6. Wow - what a difference between the old sink and new one - well done - it looks amazing!


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