Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Victoria Day Weekend!

I hope you didn't miss me yesterday, but Monday was Victoria Day up here in Canada and it was a particularly beautiful weekend so I spent a lot of time in the sun, avoiding all types of work (including blogging!).

Friday was low-key, I met a friend for drinks and a giant plate of nachos on the rooftop patio of Gretzky's downtown. It was a bit cool, but they actually had their heaters on and it was quite cozy up there and you didn't need a coat.

On Saturday my Mom and Grandma came up to visit me! My grandma hadn't been to my condo in a couple of years so she wanted to come out and see the changes I had made, along with going for a nice walk along the waterfront to watch the planes come in to land at City Centre Airport.
(Fyi- most photos I stole off my Mom's facebook)

Grandma totally got the message that pink pants and white shirts are in this summer! We laughed over our matching outfits. I made bacon and eggs for lunch (grandma can't get them how she likes at her home so it's the most requested lunch!). It was so nice catching up with her!

I tried to go for a run on Saturday afternoon, but I am still having pain in my calves so I had to cut it pretty short. I am going to make an appointment with a podiatrist because I think it may be a problem with the summer footwear (flats) and it is messing with my alignment or something.

Sunday I woke up to another sunny, breezy, beautiful day, and since I couldn't run, I decided to go for a long bike ride. I think I was out for about 2 hours and went about 25km. It was sooo nice. I went along the waterfront for ages and then I went up the Humber Valley River paths. I swear I thought I had left the city and I went so far that I definitely regretted it on the long, tired, ride back. I am so glad I bought this bike because it is such a great exercise choice on a nice day where I can't run. I find my calves quite comfortable when pedaling, and my thighs now get a chance to feel the burn.

My mom and I were discussing on Saturday how both of us have started eying half marathon training plans now that we have conquered a 10K! The training plan we found (here) calls for some cross training and I definitely think the bike is going to be my go-to exercise when not running.

On Monday I slept in a bit and then went out to Ajax and joined my mom, brother, sister in law, and adorable niece for a picnic down by the lake.

After eating we went for a walk along the water, stopping at a field so Maddy could run around. We blew some coloured bubbles (which made a coloured mess and soon got thrown out) and it was so cute to watch Maddy blow them herself. I definitely want to pick up some normal, not messy bubbles to play with this summer.

After our walk we decided ice cream was in order and we drove out to a great ice cream place in Pickering Village (Village Ice Cream Shoppe) and then sat out on their back patio to enjoy. Maddy got her first ice cream in a cone and she went to town on it!

It was basically a great weekend and I am glad the weather held out! I can't remember the last time Victoria Day weekend was so nice!

How was your long weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. Have you checked to see if you under/over pronate when you run? I'm no specialist, but it sounds like maybe " shin splints " Or a bad "plant" that could be causing you discomfort. Also, if you've over extended your ankle, or even rolled it only a little it can really bugger the connective tissues (I have a really weak right ankle that is constantly giving me grief when I run).

    Looks like you had an awesome long weekend :)

    1. no, its not shin splints or in my ankles. the pain is in the back of the calf, with the finer muscles that run under the major calf muscle. It only started happening when I switched to flats so I think the shoes are aggravating a small muscle tear or something

  2. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! The weather was perfect for it, I definitely soaked it in.

    I got my garden planted, went to the Farmer's Market, had a BBQ, went for a boat ride, fished, went for a ride on the motorcycle and got a whole lot of relaxing in. It was a good weekend here. :)

  3. Hey Casey. Yup - probably the "flats". You should always be wearing supportive shoes (arch support). You can buy inserts for your flats. Google "sore calves" and related exercises to stretch them out. Use a heating pad or hot gel packs to loosen the muscles before and after.

    Sounds like a nice weekend! I was away, as I am every May long weekend, with my college girlfriends. (see my f/b pic) We also go to Sue's house in Brantford, as her hubby is away golfing that same weekend. It's like a cottage, backing onto a ravine, beautiful back yard with pool, hot tub and fire pit. I'M sore from playing bean bag toss! LOL (but I won!) My butt, backs of my legs, and arms. Hahaha We ate, drank, bean bagged, went to the cemetery to "visit" her daughter Rebecca, who would have been 25 now. She died in a car accident 7 years ago. We planted new flowers at the grave site and prettied it all up. We also visited a beautiful garden centre (one of my favourite things to do). Great, relaxing, sunny weekend. Yup, my tan is GOOD! Sheila


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