Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Under the Sink Re-Do Re-Do

About a year ago, I decided to clean out under my bathroom sink and organize everything in two white storage boxes. It worked really well, vs the basket I had been using, but I still found it a pain to pull out the top box to access the bottom box. And they kept losing their lids. And then I was losing my lid :)

So, apparently it took me a year to realize the boxes just weren't working, so I replaced them! I was in Ikea (natch) and I found these great bins that all click into each other called Kupol. They only have a couple on the website, but you can seriously buy these in ALL shapes and sizes and they are basically plastic bins with drawers. Oh the luxury!

I picked up two the same size of the white boxes (I held them up to compare, it was very scientific) and I finally put them in place this weekend!

I loooove them compared to the old boxes. So much easier to get something and I may even go back to Ikea to get some more for under here (in smaller sizes). Such a quick update, and it makes such a difference in here!

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  1. Thanks! I SOOO need to do that under both bathroom sinks! I'm heading to IKEA. Thanks oh wonderful blogging niece! xo Sheila


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