Thursday, May 23, 2013

Succulents on the Balcony

Yep, I have jumped on the succulent bandwagon! Basically they had me at "hard to kill" :)

While at Ikea a week or so ago I found these adorable little succulents for a good price ($3 or $4 each?) and I decided to pick up a few and give them a shot. Then, while I was in the plant section, I came across this beautiful black planter called Bigarra that has a very organic shape to it and would also perfectly fit three succulents! I got some rocks for the bottom and just plopped in my plants. I think I might pick up some dirt at the dollar store (yes, they sell potting soil there!) to help them retain a bit of water, but I otherwise this was a very easy potting job!

I love their colours and I hope they last a long time! The purple-y one is my favourite.

I also added a few decorations into the watering can decoration my dad got me for my birthday. I just used the sprig of fake orchids I have had for forever (from Ikea) and a cute owl garden ornament my friend got me for my birthday!

So that is the couple of updates I made to my balcony on the weekend! I unfortunately didn't sit out here too much (just for some fruit salad and juice with Grandma and Mom on Saturday) because it was a very breezy weekend I always get cold when I just sit around on a really breezy day. But I have a whole summer of balcony to enjoy so I am not worried! It is just so much nicer out there now. I think all I have left to do is figure out some sort of coffee table/footrest and then install the trim along the edge of the new floor!


  1. I adore succulents. We have a christmas cactus, some prickly cacti, and an aloe but no proper succulents like these. Must change that, because I really do love them.

    1. I do enjoy plants that dont prick me! So I would pick these over a cactus


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