Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick Friday Post!

I have had such a crazy busy week so blogging has kind of had to take a backseat. It has been fun stuff though- dinners out, last minute training, and a work party! I am so excited for this weekend to start because it is my birthday weekend!

Tonight a bunch of us are getting together for drinks downtown and, you know, spoil me with all the attention I so rightly deserve. Then on Saturday my dad is coming out to help me finish off the balcony floor and on Sunday I am running my first 10K with my mom and stepdad!!

I am so nervous for my race. I was training so well for a couple of months and my times kept improving. Then one day I pushed myself a little too hard and I ended up with shooting pains in my calves the next day. I took time off and relaxed and then when I began running again I kept it short and sweet to avoid further injury. But now I feel like I have lost all my speed and endurance so I am really nervous about my goal of 1hr for Sunday's run. Plus Sunday is my birthday so I will be a whole year older and age can slow you down ;)

So I hope I will be able to do some projects soon to share with you guys (I will definitely be showing finished balcony floor photos next week!), but summer is just so busy so we shall see. I am really trying to step back a bit and not feel "obligated" to get a post up 5 days a week. Now my goal is 4-5 and if I miss a post every now and again I won't let myself feel bad. This blog is supposed to be fun! A place for me to get opinions on paint colours and faucets and share the things I learn as I work on making my tiny condo a stylish space fit for an adult.

Anyway, I tried to add photos to this post but blogger is being a meany and won't let me me. So I hope you enjoyed this visually unstimulating post and I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I hear you! I am stepping back to 4 times a week at least until it is winter again (hopefully a long time from now!) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I hear you on the "life is too buy for blogging" front. I decided to "step back" from blogging a while ago and only post when I felt like it/had some thing specific to share. Tbh I spend the majority of my weekends away from home, so that doesn't leave a lot Of time for projects.

    Good luck on the run Sunday, and have an awesome time out celebrating with your friends!

  3. Wishing you a very a great Birthday with your friends and don't listen to your inner'll do many times before I went to my dance class...a little voice kept telling me..."you're too tired"..."you won't be able to dance for an hour"...etc....but once I started I was fine... I dance for a whole problems...I really think our body is naturally lazy and will resist when we want it to move especially for a length of time.
    You'll be fine...Enjoy!!!!


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