Friday, May 17, 2013

New Cushions on the Balcony!

Are all my fellow Canadians looking forward to the long weekend? I am excited that the sun has come back out and hopefully it will last all weekend. I was finally able to drag all my plants back outside, now that the threat of frost has gone away. I am hoping to spend the weekend sitting outside and catching up on some books (and working my way through a pile of cake pops I got for my birthday).

In order to make my mini-vacation to the balcony more enjoyable, I got some chair cushions!

I got these at HomeSense and it was sooo tough to pick. They had tons of cute patterns and colours and I probably stood there longer than is normal staring at them. But eventually I saw these navy and white striped babies tucked away in another place and I loved the simplicity of them (versus a busy pattern). Plus navy and white is so classic and reminds me of being on a boat! I had no idea if they were the right size for the chairs, so I was prepared to have to return them and end up DIYing something, but thankfully they are a perfect fit! Hurrah!

I still need to get a coffee table out here (I have ideas, but keep changing my mind) but pretty soon I think this balcony is gonna be doneski. Hopefully right in time for my bathroom makeover so I won't get too bored ;).

In other news, I think my one plant is about to bloom!

I'm pretty excited, because this means I have NOT killed this plant, which is quite an accomplishment for me.

What are your plans for the long weekend? I am going to do some spring cleaning and work on some blog projects, but mostly I plan on relaxing!


  1. Loving those cushions! You're right about navy and white, totally classic!

    What kind of plant is that? It looks like it's going to bloom into something absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Errrmagerrrd that's a peony! If you manage to keep it alive this season you can expect the blooms to double next year. (They are my fav, so I totally squee'd over here when I saw how good it's doing).

    Love the cushions you picked out, I think the pattern really complements the grey chairs/balcony frame, pulling everything together.

    1. My dad thought it was a peony too! Im glad to finally know what Im dealing with.

    2. Ermmahgerd, I just googled peony and I LOVE those flowers! I hope it blooms!!


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