Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finished Balcony Floor

Dad and I finally finished the balcony floor this weekend! And then it got promptly freezing cold so I haven't gotten a chance to enjoy it yet (I actually brought in all my plants on Saturday night so they wouldn't die in the frost). Poor dad had to saw so much by hand because all of the batteries for the saw had been drained! It came out great, but I still have a couple of tiny pieces to glue down. The floor all snaps together without glue or nails, but a couple tiny pieces along the edge need to be secured. Dad and I are also going to install a piece of trim along the window's edge to cover up the gap caused by a thick, uneven layer of sealing at the edge of the condo. But SOON I will be able to stick a fork in this project cause it will be 100% done. And then I will promise to stop bothering my poor father. haha

For my birthday, dad brought my the green watering can, the purple bucket with flowers, and a stand for my large plant!  I am loving all the greenery out here!

I can't wait for the weather to turn back nice so I can start hanging out out here again!


  1. Looking good! I hope that it gets warm again soon so that you can enjoy your new balcony. I'm sick of this cold snap, it's the middle of May for crying out loud!

  2. It looks great! Much more welcoming, I think, than your standard concrete balcony. In fact, your whole balcony looks like a wonderful place to sit! How high up are you? We lived on the 30th floor in our first apartment and never sat on the balcony because even on the hottest days it was too windy and cold!

    1. Im only 8 floors up so wind isnt much of an issue. I wish It got a bit more sun (I face south so its never direct), but I can always go to the rooftop if I want sun!

  3. If I had that space, I'd be out there all the time!! Awesome!

  4. Your balcony looks great! I bet you will have a nice summer outside this year!


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