Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coffee Table Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in a small space often requires getting creative with furniture and finding out what works best for you and your home. My living room is only 9.5 feet across so when it came time to find a coffee table, I knew I needed something more narrow. I lucked out in finding my great storage ottoman for only $100 and I recovered it with pretty fabric. It often moves from in front of the couch to at the foot of the bed, so it is very versatile in my space!

But there are lots of other options for coffee tables in small spaces so I thought I would share those today!

1. Acrylic or see-through
A see-through coffee table can help make a space feel larger because they don't take up any visual space! They come in lots of sizes and shapes, and luckily are becoming more and more popular, so finding one used or for a good price is getting a lot easier.

2. Nesting Tables
Nesting tables are great because you can use just the large one as a coffee table or side table and then pull out the smaller ones for larger gatherings.

3. A Pouf
A pouf with a tray on top makes an adorable- and unique- coffee table. Plus, the pouf can act as extra seating, which is never unwanted in a small space!

3. Use Two or More Smaller Ones
A grouping of smaller coffee tables allows for versatility in arrangement, as they can be moved around for social gatherings and act as a side table, or even extra seating

4. A Pop Up Coffee Table!
I have always loved this West Elm coffee table, but it is too large and square for my space. I love how it pops up, so this can act as a table if you do not have one in your space. Bed Bath and Beyond actually had a model like mine (a leather storage ottoman), but that popped up! However I can't justify spending money on something I don't really need, however cool it is :)

5. TV Trays
There are a lot of cute TV trays out now, or you could DIY some plain ones like the above image! The best part is that they fold up small and out of the way when not in use.

6. Get Rid of the Coffee Table!
By employing a stylish alternative for holding your cup, like the one above, you can eliminate the need for a separate table all together. Just make sure you don't flail out at the end of an intense show, or your drink is going to go flying! You could also probably get by with a lap tray or just side tables as well.

Of course, a plain ol' coffee table can also work great in a small space, especially if it adds needed storage or style to your home. What kind of coffee table do you have? How do you use yours? I don't usually use mine for eating; It is for resting my feet and storing random stuff.


  1. I often think about the last option. Our coffee table often seems like it's more in the way than anything else! I prefer side tables to coffee tables, but, unfortunately, our space is narrow enough that side tables aren't really an option... there's no enough space beside the couch for them!

    At the moment, we have a two-tiered glass one that works well in the space. We totally lucked out - the previous tenants at the condo we rented when we moved in left the storage locker FULL of stuff - including the coffee table! We contacted our landlord about it all, but he had no knowledge of the things left behind and no idea how to contact the previous tenants. So... score! One of these days, we'll get a new one, once we're done with all our renos and can properly set aside some money for decorating.

  2. Thanks for the ideas Casey. We have two small ottomans in our family room - no room for a coffee table. I still need one more "something" for beside the couch to stash the endless supply of remotes on. LOL. Right now it's a $5.00 blue stepping stool - really ugly, but purposeful. I'll be looking at garage sales now for some of the things you suggested! xo Sheila

    1. Or get a universal remote! Best thing I ever owned

  3. I really love your little space. It's so cozy looking!

  4. Casey, I think that couch arm wrap is simply brilliant! I think I may need to try and make one...


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