Friday, April 12, 2013

My New Roommate

Now, I know my condo is pretty small, but I needed some help with the mortgage so I decided to take on a roommate short term. Luckily, I found someone compact, who won't take up much space. He is also really bad at holding still for pictures.

Awww, isn't he handsome? His name is Pewter and I am watching him for a week while his parents are off in Vegas winning me some money (that is where the mortgage-help comes in, because frankly Pewter is lazy and does not earn his keep!).

Stay tuned for some posts next week featuring my furry new co-blogger! Or maybe just a bunch of posts about how he chose to play with his jingle toys at 3am.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Haha I love how he's giving you his "innocent" face " Who, Me? Play with jingle toys at 3am? No you must be mistaking me for some other cat."

    Hope you have fun cat-sitting this fluff ball:) happy Friday!

  2. He's beautiful! Enjoy! Sheila

  3. Ah, kitty! You know how I feel about animals. I lurve him and I've never even met him!


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