Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Update!

I was out and about in my hometown of Pickering this weekend, so I haven't really done anything in the condo to share. So I thought today I'd just share a quick update in the goings-on of Casey's exciting life right now (I live on the edge- trust me).

1. My DCP Treatment
As I have talked about before, I go for treatment for my alopecia each month. Usually I have not had much of a reaction to the treatment before- just a bit of burning and I have learned to avoid sweating for 24 hours after unless I like feeling like my head is on fire. However this week I reacted badly to my treatment. My whole head broke out in painful blisters and I suppose I must have slept on my hand treatment night because on the next morning (Friday) my thumb turned all red and by Friday evening it too was covered in blisters. I am not a happy Casey. I will talk to the nurse this week to see if I should skip treatment this week or just reduce dosage.

Honestly, I think I am done with this treatment. It is barely working and weekends covered in blisters are NOT my idea of fun. I don't think it is worth keeping it up, but I have an appointment with the dermatologist in a couple of weeks so I will discuss with her then what next steps may be.

2. My 10K Training
I had such bad runs this week. It got me really down because my legs just kept burning, even after a rest day. I would be fine walking, but if I tried to run they just gave out. So I took Saturday and Sunday off and I am starting fresh this week! I hope this funk doesn't last because it is really getting me down and I miss enjoying my runs.

3. My Teeth
Hey- a new health topic! On Saturday I went to see a dental surgeon in Pickering to get full x-rays of my teeth done because I have been having some toothaches at the back of my mouth. Turns out my bottom wisdom teeth need to come out :(. The funny part is that it is pretty clear on my x-ray that my top ones are completely horizontal and my bottom ones are actually straight. But he said my bottom ones were in my gums, which can lead to infection problems later in life. My top ones, even though they are totally sideways, are actually too close to my nasal cavity to risk surgery (high chance of complications) so he said we should leave them in until I actually have any real reason to remove them. So ya, at some point in the coming months I will be all chipmunky and miserable. It is actually my first surgery :S. I have never even had braces or a cavity or any sort of dental work either. I am more nervous about how I will reaction to the laughing gas and freezing than the actual surgery.

Anyway, even though my health seems to be in a cruddy mood this week, I did get to watch my niece on Saturday evening and it is hard to be in a funk when you are with this cutie:

Well, it was pretty cute until she managed to call 2 random people, including my boss who is out of the country right now. Note to self- turn off my mobile network before letting a toddler use my phone.

How was your guys' weekends??


  1. good luck with the wisdom teeth--super painful! i hear you with the running, need breaks to get better!

    1. im going to give a shot today again! after 2 full days of pigging out and sitting on my butt :)

  2. So sorry to hear about the reaction to the DCP treatment! I hope the next steps are better!

    I am not a runner, but I totally understand getting in a funk. Hope things are better this week!

    Good luck with your wisdom teeth! My experience (when I was 18) wasn't so bad, even though it was my first surgery, too. I think Robert needs to have his removed sometime soon. Not looking forward to that. At. All.

    1. haha ya I need to hire my mom or dad to take care of me for at least the first 24 hours. Then Ill probably go back to the condo and complain to the internet about my face pain

  3. I like updates on Casey! :)

    Sorry the DCP treatment has led to crappy weekends. I would want to quit it too. I hope that your running gets back on track this week, I can imagine how discouraging it must be. And as for the wisdom teeth, you'll do just fine. It will be over before you know it and will soon be a distant memory. :)

    1. thanks I hope so!! (for both the running, and the surgery haha)

  4. So precious!! My son holds random objects to his ear and says, "hello? hello??". Love it!

    I was so scared when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I told the surgeon over and over and over again how scared I was. He was really calm and reassuring. I did tell him that I wanted the highest amount of anesthesia he could give me without sending me to the hospital and if I woke up or felt anything there'd be hell to pay.

    That being said, the surgery itself was wonderful. Apparently I was awake for the entire thing but can't really remember it (I think they call it Twilight or something). The only thing I could remember was giggling like crazy when my husband came in to get me. I was in hysterics!

    You'll do great =) Like Jenn0021^^ says, it will soon be a distant memory.

    1. ya im more worried about reactions to the drugs and feeling sick aftewards. sigh

      and Maddy totally had the phone the right way up and everything. shes a smart cookie. haha

  5. I have one piece of advice. Make sure the dentist doesn't put your cotton pads in the barf bag. HAHAHAH. the end.


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