Thursday, April 25, 2013

Inured to this Mess

I learned a new word today- Inure- it means to get used to something difficult or unpleasant. It is like when it has been winter for 6 months and a 5 degree days seems completely warm, even though in the fall you thought 5 degrees was pure torture. You became "inured" to the cold.

I think I very easily "inure" (I have no idea how to conjugate this bad boy). I think it goes along with my personality. I am very laid back and easy going. I don't think I was born this way; I think I actively pick my battles to eliminate stress in my life. Trust me, when I am stressed I am a scary, scary person. So a long time ago I learned to ignore mess in my home so I could not stress out about it. I became inured!

My dad and I were discussing this yesterday because I had recently come across a bunch of photos of my cats as a child and I noticed what the living room looked like in the background. At the time I took the photos, I was focusing on how cute the kitties were and didn't even think of the living room! Now that I take photos for the blog, I always have to clean up areas of the condo and I become aware of the mess that I actually live in. For instance, today I actually stirred a bowl on top of an empty pizza box that has been sitting on the stove for 3 days! (maybe I should rethink being honest on this blog).

Anyway, my dad and I were thinking that a possible cure to being inured to your mess is to take photos of your space. This can help you see the room from a outside perspective. Try taking a before photo, and then cleaning, and then taking another one. Does the area look as uncluttered and clean as you thought? Is there anything that would seem out of place to a person visiting your home? It might even be a good idea to walk around taking photos of your home before you sell to see how to may look to potential buyers.

What are you inured to in your life?


  1. That's a great idea...I feel that way about the outside of my house right now--time to pull out the camera and then create!

  2. I chuckled to myself because when I take photos for my blog, I don't actually clean up the mess. I just push it out of the way of the photo! I really should stop that...

  3. I agree ^^ I just push mess out of the way for my photos often times too LOL!! It's just a part of real life :) I have actually seen blog post w/ pictures showing a person's mess basically stating "I have normal messy days just like everyone else"


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