Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Wheelin'

I am considering buying a bike. Scratch that- I am buying a bike. I am just considering buying this one:

This is the Schwinn Hydra Women's 700C Hybrid Bike on sale right now at Canadian Tire. I really do not know much about bikes, except that hybrid bikes are best for city riding, so that is what I am going with! Plus this bike has tons of great reviews and hopefully won't fail me.

I have been considering getting a bike ever since I moved downtown in 2009, especially when I worked only a 30 minute walk away! I thought a bike would mean an amazingly short commute, but I was always afraid of biking in the city. My old office was right downtown, which meant I would need to bike down busy streets. I never got the courage.

But now I am trying to be healthier and I think a bike can help me with that goal by helping me get around town faster (ya...TTC can take forever). I also think that maybe I can bike to work since my current job is away from the core and I can get there by using a lot of bike paths and not roads. Score! It is a 11.5km ride and apparently will take me the same amount of time as TTCing it. Is that long? I honestly have no idea if that will be too-sweaty an idea or not (my work doesn't have fancy showers or anything!).

Oh, and my building has secure bike storage in the parking garage, so I wouldn't need to lock it up outside overnight or lug it up to my tiny unit- yay!

So please- give me some tips on biking in the city! Do you do it? All I know is get a good lock and avoid the streetcar tracks.


  1. I have no tips for biking in the city since I live far far away from a city. But I wanted to tell you that I'm excited you're getting a bike! I got one 3 years ago and barely ever use it but I plan on changing that this summer. The new me will like to bike. :P

    1. I like biking! When I was a kid I would hop on my bike and pedal all over my neighbourhood just for fun

  2. I'm terrified of biking in the city. Now that we've been in our neighbourhood for 2 years, I think I could safely navigate the streets to get to the Don Valley Trail, which would then be a delightful breeze, but anything more? Terrifying!

  3. I feel ya. The scariest part for me will be the .5km ride to the bike trail!!


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