Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brownie Cookie Bombs

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! And just in case you didn't get enough chocolate and junk food this weekend, I am going to show you a new recipe that I tried for Easter this year! I found this recipe on The Domestic Rebel for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs, which is chocolate chip cookie dough, wrapped in a brownie, dunked in chocolate, and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Um...GIMME?!?!

I loosely followed her recipe, except I used crushed mini eggs instead of chocolate chips! Let me tell you, if a recipe involves a hammer, you know it's gonna be good. Tip- bag your mini eggs in a thick baggie for hammering. Don't want to lose any!

Then make brownie directions according to the box (fudge brownies are apparently best), and make the cookies according to the The Domestic Rebel (they won't be cooked and this recipe is egg-free just in case!).

Next, ball your cookie dough into small balls and arrange on a baking sheet. I ended up having a lot of extra dough, so I just put those into the oven to make mini-egg cookies :). Freeze the balls for an hour to firm up.

Then take a square of a fudge brownie and smoosh it around the frozen cookie dough balls. I found this step pretty hard and I ended up only having enough brownie for 21 cookies.

Now, the next step of the process was to cover them in chocolate sauce. The recipe called for a pre-made one, but I was making these on Good Friday and I couldn't buy that. So I melted 3 tablespoons of butter with 2/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. But when I tried to dip the ball, it just started to fall apart, and that got worse when I tried to cover the ball in mini-eggs bits.

Fail- But I totally ate this one anyway
So- for plan B, I dolloped a little chocolate sauce on the top of each ball and sprinkled on the mini eggs. Worked out great!!

Then I put them in colourful cupcake liners to transport them to dinner! Mmm, even though they weren't perfect, they tasted amazing!

Did you try any new recipes for Easter?


  1. these look extremely good and extremely dangerous! great post!

    1. I like to pretend these are as healthy as fruit! ....only because Ive eaten about half the batch :P

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I want some!!!! My poor little gluten-free dairy-free self is salivating over these. Especially the mini-eggs. I may have shed a tear over the fact I couldn't indulge in any mini-eggs this year. Enjoy them for me!

    1. hmm I wonder if this recipe could be attempted with GF cookie dough, GF brownie mix (Glutino makes a yummers GF fudge brownie mix), and maybe semi-sweet chocolate chips?

  3. These look scrumptious!

    Would love for you to link it and your other cookie recipes up at my new Empty Your Archive link party - there is a focus this week on cookies, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  4. Thanks for sharing your yummy cookies at Project Inspired - pinned to our group party pinboard - hope to see you at tomorrow nights party too!

  5. Love these - they would make great gifts. Thank you so much for linking up at Empty Your Archive, Alice x

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  7. You have the most scrumptious cookie recipe! I'm hosting the ultimate holiday cookie recipe exchange extravaganza online at The Jenny Evolution and wanted to be sure to invite you. I hope you'll link up and see if you're highlighted later in the week :-)

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution


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