Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trivet-ial Pursuit

How's that title for a pun time! Ah, I slay myself.

At the Dollarama this week I picked up this pack of cork trivets for $1.50 (there were two in the pack). I had an idea of a project I wanted to do and they seemed like they would fit the bill!

I painted the front of each trivet with leftover chalkboard paint from my chalkboard wall (Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore). I used a foam brush that I also got from the dollar store! 6 for $ cheap so I just threw it out when I was done :P

I let it set for 24 hours (probably less than chalkboard needs, but these were $1.50...not worth worrying about ruining). Haha. I then prepped them with rubbing chalk all over and then cleaning them before writing on them and hanging them up!

Aren't they cute? I needed something near my computer to write down quick ideas that I come up with for future blog posts. The "How About Cupcakes?" one is from this adorable youtube video. That little girl and I have the same views on what to have for dinner each night!

So there is my quick little project to help my table become more of an office! Have you ever used chalkboard paint on something like cork?

Did you find this post triveting? hahahahahah I'll stop now

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  1. Your puns made me laugh, so at least one person was entertained! :)


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