Friday, March 29, 2013

The 2013 Spring One of a Kind Show

I started the long weekend off right with a pitcher of Mojitos at Milestones, followed by a trip to the One of a Kind Show! I actually won the tickets from Jennifer at Rambling Renovators, so thank you Jennifer because my friend Sarah and I had a great time! We decided to hit it up after I had downed my mojitos, because Easter weekend is just so crazy that it was the only time we could squeeze it in.
Now, Sarah and I aren't really into the fashions there, and we certainly don't have the budgets for most of the beautiful artisan works, but somehow I always seem to come away with a few great gifts for people from these types of shows. I wish I could show you what I got, but alas- gifts need to remain secrets!

I will tell you that I bought something from Michaud Toys that I adore, so I recommend checking out his booth. His woodwork is beautiful and- lemme tell you- smells amazing. You can order online from his site, but there are lots of finish options in person at his booth and hey- no shipping charges when you buy in person!

Then I got some HILARIOUS cards from Hug and Kiss Designs. Please note that these cards are highly inappropriate and therefore highly humorous to myself. We spent too much time there laughing over the cards (you cannot stop reading them!). Luckily for you, they sell the cards online too- but you get some bulk discounts at the booth :)

Finally, Sarah and I really enjoyed the toys and books at MeFits. They have adorable characters with funny, quirky names like Farty Marty and Broad Maude. I didn't buy any, but I liked them so much that I had to share! They even have free shipping after the show by entering the promo code freeshippingforme on their website. If you can't make the show- please check them out!

Of course, if you are trying to keep your wallet firmly closed, I always recommend going to the food aisles where you can literally feed a family of 10 on the free samples you will get there (of course- they aren't to go, so bring your family with you!). I was very full from dinner so I only got a few things, but there is stuff there for every taste and a whole lot of allergy sensitive options (like gluten free).

So there is my One of a Kind experience at the One of a Kind Show. If you are checking it out this weekend (or have checked it out already), please let me know!

Hoppy Easter Everyone! I hope you have as much fun as this guy:

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