Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Plans for Spring/Summer!

Mother Nature clearly has not gotten the message that today is the first day of Spring. Toronto is cold and snowy and according to the Weather Network we aren't due for a heat wave (however the trends is upward so let's all keep our fingers crossed!). I decided to make a list of all the things I want to get accomplished during these sunny months. My summer weekends are already filling up with out of town weddings (6 weekends so far are booked! Yikes!) so I need to make an effort to complete each thing on this list before cold air comes blowing back in.

1. Buy fresh flowers every week!

There is a small flower store that I pass every day on my way home from work and they often sell small potted flowers or bouquets of tulips for under $5. I can't keep plants alive to save my life, but at these low prices I can afford to let em die! (It is not intentional- I DO try).

2. Buy a bike!
I am sooo excited to get a bike this year! I am very nervous about biking in the city, but I think it will be so much faster to get around and to get some exercise. Living near the water means I have access to tons of nice bike trails and I am even considering biking to work on warm days (not hot ones- yuck) because I can go 90% on trails by the lake and a river. How nice is that? And it takes the same length of time as transit!

3. Go to the islands
Confession: I have never been to the islands. People are shocked when I tell them this, considering I grew up near Toronto but I have NO memory of ever going there. I even live near the ferry so this is completely silly of me and I want to check it out this summer and have a nice picnic over there!

4. Put flooring on my balcony!

I have lots of plans for the balcony this year, but first and foremost I will be taking care of the cold, ugly, concrete floor situation I got going on out here.

5. Rooftop Tanning

This is one of my favourite summer activities and I hope I can do it more this year because it is so relaxing. My friend Sarah will come up and we literally just sit on the rooftop and read magazines. My roof actually has a great rooftop patio with a barbeque and lounge chairs and I want to spend more time up there this summer! I always wear and inch of sunscreen because I am so pale but I swear the sun just does my spirit good!

(also under this section I would like to add going to more patios and the beach. I need to savour the sun this year!)

What are your plans for the spring and summer?


  1. I agree that Mother Nature has got to get with the program soon. Brrr!

    I like your list of things to accomplish this summer, it seems very doable and enjoyable. I plan on posting my "outdoor to-do list" on my blog this week, it must be the week for goals!

    1. I saw your post about the chicken coop! That is pretty cool! I cant waaaait for warm days

  2. heck ya to rooftop tanning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's do it more often this summer AND now that you will have a bike, let's go biking on the island. we have literally said we were going for like 5 summers. ok maybe 2.


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