Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Run Like the Wind!

Yay! Time for a running update on my goal of doing 10km in 1 hour!

I have a BIG update-

I RAN 10KM!!

I always seem to do my best runs on Sundays, and last Sunday I laced up with the goal of running to a certain intersection, which would be a 5km run, and walk back. I knew it would be hard, but manageable because I had run 5km with little training before. This time I had a few weeks of training under my belt, so I thought I could make the full distance without stopping, even with the cold temperatures.

Well, lemme tell you, I hit that 5km and I just kept on going! I felt so good! My legs were tired but my mind was in a good spot and running is seriously 90% mental. I felt SO good when I finished, like I was on cloud nine! It didn't hurt that I had timed myself and knew that I had done it in 1 hr, 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes over my goal!

I came back to the condo and iced my calf muscles with my Owwie Cowwie on and off for a bit. My legs were still a little tight on Monday, especially my left calf. I think I lean towards my left leg a bit too much when I run. I took Monday off and I went back out for a run on Tuesday but I only managed 4km, because my legs were still a bit tight and did NOT want to go.

Now that I know I can DO it, I am so pumped to keep training so that I can do it consistently and faster. I know part of that is also working on eating healthier because I am definitely carrying around a few pounds that are trying to slow me down.

Not that I believe I am fat by any means, but that in order to run better it would help me to be leaner. Not to mention eating better would mean I am getting the proper nutrition to power my body. Of course, as I write this post I am making brownies for's a work in progress ;).

Here is my take on eating well to lose weight (because I feel it needs to be said): 
Food is an addictive thing. Sugars and fats are addictive. I think about food all day and I am rarely full. Even if I am full, I still want to eat. I know it is all mental, but it is really hard to stop eating. I don't stock junk foods in the house, but I will overeat on healthy foods. I really am trying, though.

I think of food addictions like smoking. Smoking is really hard to quit. I have heard it takes 9-11 attempts to quit smoking in order to succeed, and even then people are dealing with the mental effects as well, like having something to do with your hands, or to fit in in a social situation, or taking a break from stress. Eating is exactly like that for me, except that I can't quit eating cold turkey! 

Having said this, I know it is not impossible to eat healthier and lose weight. I just need to stay aware of why I am eating and find something else to do (like go running!).

So are you guys looking forward to the long weekend? Easter plans? Anybody else baking up a storm?


  1. Great job! I agree running is 90% mental and that eating better always makes for better runs. Keep up the great work!

  2. Good job on running the 10km! That is an accomplishment. :D As for eating healthier, it's something that I am definitely working on. It's hard. I will do so well for a while and then crash and burn and devour an entire bag of chips in one afternoon.

    I'm heading to my parents house for Easter and I'm excited to see my family.

  3. Good for you! An hour and 10 minutes is about what I can run 10K in as well. I've managed to get to an hour and 5 before, but never under the hour. It's tough!

    I totally agree with you when it comes to food. I tend to eat the best when I am 100% in a routine and nothing interrupts it. That means no co-workers bringing in a box of donuts, no rough commutes that have me turning to our favourite Thai restaurant or the frozen pizza in the freezer. The handful of times I have actually managed to lose weight, I planned out and strictly regimented everything I ate everyday. Everything written down and accounted for. (I use If you've never tried tracking your food before, I would suggest it, simply because it can be an eye opener!

    Keeping such a close eye on what I eat is something I do every few months, but it's not sustainable for much longer than 2 weeks at a time. (I did a month once, successfully.) In between, I try not to stress out too much about what I'm eating, but there are some foods that I cannot keep in the house or the office because I have zero will power towards them. Mainly, chocolate.

    Good luck and keep up the running! Remember, even if you change nothing about your eating habits and keep up the exercise, you will get healthier!

  4. Whoo hoo!! YAY for that 10K!

    That's awesome. My goal is to be able to run a 5K under 30 minutes, if I ever start running again.

    I totally agree with you about food being addicting- I'm addicted BIG TIME. My cravings can get really intense. I struggle daily! And honestly have not been winning any battles lately.


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