Monday, March 25, 2013

Hot and Cold Pack

My friend Sarah has a bag that can be frozen or heated up to revive sore muscles and for reasons neither of us can remember, we call it her Owwie Cowwie. I decided I would also like an Owwie Cowwie, because it would be nice on cold winter days to snuggle up to a warm bag, and I think my muscles may need some heat/cold after running my 10K in May. However I am trying to save money by not buying non-necessities and I knew that this kind of fell into that category.

I was then on Pinterest and found a tutorial by Bee in My Bonnet and I realized that these things are only rice in a bag!? Hey now- I can make that! I loosely followed her directions, except that I didn't use flannel because I didn't have any. Yup, I break the rules like no one's business.

I decided to make mine from a fun, patterned napkin that I have had for a few months now.

I folded the napkin in half so my pack would be about 9" by 18" and ironed it flat.

I then sewed along three sides, keeping one end open to pour the rice in.

then I clipped the corners to make them lay flatter.

I added my rice (I think I used about 6 cups of white rice) until the bag was half full, and then sewed her shut! I decided to use white rice over brown rice because I am trying to eat healthier. See- these bags are really good for my health!

After that my bag was ready to use!

This project literally took me 10 minutes and it was so easy! I don't know why I didn't make one earlier! Plus, if you are not a fan of sewing, I bet you could use hem tape and iron it together. I loved that it cost me zippo (except for a few rice dinners, I guess).

Did you do any free projects this weekend?


  1. great idea! love the napkin pattern and color too!

  2. I recently made one of these too! I love it, and carry it in my purse for when I'm at work. I added tea leaves, to try and counter the rice smell, but they didn't work great. Someone also recommended using barley, with lavender. I might do that next time!

    1. I havent noticed a smell, but I havent heated it up yet. I think lavender would smell lovely in there!

  3. Just a tip, make sure to put water in a cup when you are heating it up so it doesnt set your condo on fire! :) Enjoy - these bags are great!

    1. I havent tried it heated up yet, so thanks for the tip. I do enjoy a fire-free condo!


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