Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I don't think it is any secret that I love the Dollar Store. It is the best place to find decorations for holidays or buy the cheapest candy! I also buy most of my gift wrapping supplies there! But I have noticed that since they have gone up to $3 in prices, the quality of the items available has risen and you can find many nice home decor options in those aisles.

I was at Dollarama last night and I decided to snap some shots of some great items I found around the store that I would totally put in my condo (and some I plan to go back for!). These would be great options too for a student or new grad who needs to decorate on a budget.

First of all, they have an amazing selection of jars- ranging from tiny spice ones to large ones for pastas or flour!

And if you are outfitting a kitchen, there are tons of cute plates and glasses! I loved the square white ones.

I also thought their placemat selection was good and they had tons of colours- great for doing a table setting with a theme.

I fell in love with these $2 seat cushions (the blue and green striped ones in particular). I need new cushions for my patio chairs and even if I didn't want the colours they had, it's still a really cheap insert for a cover you make yourself!

I also found a few home decor items that would work on a mantel:

Or a set of small metal flower pots that would look adorable in a windowsill for herbs:

For a baby's room, I thought that this picture mobile would be cute to stare at while mom and dad sleep in:

As for wall decor, the dollar store is stacked with cheap art, frames, wall decals, corkboards, white boards, and other decor. I love the frames here- they remind me of small Ribba frames from Ikea, but only $2 each! I have some in my condo.

But if you are a DIYer and want to make your own decor, the dollar store has a great selection of canvases and paint! The paints are only $1 each and are my favourite thing to pick up for projects!

Speaking of paint, dollarama also carries paint brushes, rollers, and trays for painting walls! Very handy and cheap!

As for what I picked up on this trip, I got some cute new measuring spoons, since my tablespoon bit the dust recently, some new paint brushes because I ruin all mine, some cork pot plates, toys for my niece, and some gift wrapping! There is probably more in my bag than I am remembering- I went a little overboard, but in a dollar store I never need to feel bad!

Do you shop at the dollar store for home decor? Any good finds? One time I found a Snuggie for $3 :\


  1. Your dollar store is so clean and organized! I feel like I'm stepping into a time machine at our dollar store. You know, with nude pantyhose and off-brand ancient makeup. Oh and cereal that expired three years ago. Your access to discount art supplies makes me quite jealous!

    1. Ya Dollarama is a pretty good chain with great supplies. In fact, this Dollarama is actually my least favourite in the city because I find it isnt as well stocked!!

      But dont worry, they also carry nude pantyhose and ancient makeup. I just skipped over that section;)

  2. We don't have a dollar store but we have something similar called PriceBusters'.

    I'm usually in there for quick craft supplies but once in awhile we peruse and discover some really great finds.

    Dollarama looks much cleaner than our discount store! And organized- just look at those jars and dishes =)

  3. I have a dollarama about 1 hour from where I live. It's great to stock up on craft supplies for my kids.

  4. haaaallaaaalouyaaaa

  5. I am TOTALLY lucky to have TWO dollar stores within around 1 and 1/2 mile of me, TWO in the Same mall, one out at the far end of the carpark and one IN the mall. They coexist peacefully with no fighting. They each have their things. One had the plastic organizers and baskets in many shades of coordinated colors so beautifully stocked on the endcaps of the aisles that I could swear that I was somewhere more expensive. I could not even get it through me that the well-coordinated items were $1.25 each and were large organizers and so forth.


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