Friday, March 22, 2013

DCP Update!

I always feel like I do these updates a lot, but then I go back into my blog history and the last one is over two months ago?! Man, how time does fly!

Well this week I finally hit my goal I set when I wasn't really responded to treatment- I reached maximum dosage! Go me and my scalp of steel ;). I asked the nurse what happens now that I have reached the highest dosage and she said that we remain here and when I go for my follow-up appointment with my dermatologist I get her opinion on where to go from here. She mentioned doing some sort of combo treatment? I have no idea. My appointment is in a month so I will see what happens when I go I guess.

In good news, it seems I am finally starting to respond to treatment. While I haven't had the itching and blistering that comes with this treatment (ew, thank God), I DO seem to be having improvement in my hair growth. I am by no means growing hair like a normal person, but some of my peach fuzz has grown a bit long and I have noticed a couple spots that are darker like normal hair. I honestly think my scalp needed this high dosage before it planned on doing anything! The doctor has mentioned that the hair in the back is definitely getting longer, but I can't see or really feel it so for all I know she is making it up.

In my honest opinion, my hair is not going to grow back. I have been doing treatment for almost 5 months and I have what I will call "glorified peach fuzz". I can't even photograph it to show you. But I will keep going and then discuss with my doctor!!

And then hopefully the weather will warm up so I can take my bald head out to the lake!! Sorry, it is just so cold out and I keep fantasizing about summer.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you reached your goal dosage wise but I'm sorry to hear that the results aren't as good as you had hoped. I look forward to your next update after your appointment with your doctor.

    I can't wait for summer either! I keep thinking of all the fabulous things I'll be able to do, like not have to put on 12 layers just to go outside.

    And on a random note, is that a boat you're sitting in? It looks a little bit like a bathtub. :P


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