Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bed Options for a Studio Apartment

One of the first challenges I faced when I bought my condo was "Where on Earth am I going to sleep?". I was so terrified of making the wrong bed decision that I was regretting buying the condo. Who wants to spend 3 years sleeping on a pull out couch with the obligatory metal bar in your back?

The previous owner had slept on a pull out couch, so I had naturally assumed that was the only option available with my floorplan. Thankfully when I went in to measure I realized a bed would fit in the back end of the condo (did the previous owner never figure this out??). I started off with a twin sized bed but eventually decided to give up some floor space for the "luxury" of a double bed. My bed is pillow-topped, memory foamed, and is my favourite place in the condo at the end of a long day!

However, some people are not lucky enough to fit beds in their studio condos/apartments, so I thought I would share some of the options I considered before move-in day!

1. Pull Out Couch
Believe it or not, pull out couches have come a long way from the floral patterned, 3 inch thick mattress of sleepovers long ago. There are many stylish, compact, and comfortable options for pull out couches available!

I found that pull out couches were rather expensive, but if it is your best option than I would invest in a good quality one- sleep is so important to happiness! I looked seriously at the options at La-Z-Boy because they sold mattresses that inflated in 30 seconds- that means a thicker, more comfy mattress!
Source: La-Z-Boy Website

I also looked at the Ikea options because they had some unique designs- some with extra storage! Their models tend to be the cheapest on the market, but I would test them out in store first to make sure the quality of the mattress isn't compromised.

2. Futons
Ah the futon, the bed of college students everywhere! Believe it or not, there are comfortable futon options on the market. I recommend The Futon Store if you live in Toronto. They offer many custom options for fabric and frame and they had an excellent selection when I went to check them out during my bed search. If I were to get a futon, however, I would get one with arms because I hate couches where I can't lean on an arm! Arms can better support a couple throw pillows to make the futon look more couch-like during the day.
Source: The Futon Store

3. Murphy Beds (Wall Beds)
I already covered this topic a couple of weeks ago, but Murphy Beds are a great option if you have the space to pull one down. My only concern with this option is that you would still need a separate "seating area" for your living room activities so I am not a huge fan of them in studios. They can also easily run you $2000 or more!
Source: Mast and Falls
4. Day Beds
Day beds tend to work better with a twin sized bed versus a double, but if you are happy to have a smaller bed (or perhaps don't have the space for anything else) they are a great option. I find they don't make the best couch if you like to sit normally, but they are great if you enjoy curling up while watching TV! You can even style a single bed like a day bed by adding some side tables and propping pillows up against the wall or putting a headboard along the length (you can DIY or buy a king sized headboard, which should fit the length)

If you are buying, try to find ones with storage too- there are lots of cheap, good looking options like the Hemnes Daybed from Ikea (it can even convert to a double bed!):

5. Modular CouchesWhen I was couch shopping last summer I came across this amazing modular couch, sold at a store called Modern Sensibility in Toronto. The chaise footrest can move to the end of the couch and make a single bed, AND the couch had storage! It was pretty cool and it would be a great option if you had the space (I ended up not having the length necessary in my living room).

6. A Loft Bed
If your ceiling height and comfort level permit it, a loft bed can be an excellent idea for a small studio. The couch can be placed underneath to allow for seating. My only problem with loft beds, however, is using a ladder if I am sick or need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night! Plus my ceilings are a bit low and I would feel claustrophobic.

7. A Bed!
I rarely ever just sit on my couch and watch TV, and if you are like that too you may be quite content to eliminate a "couch" area and just set up your bed in the main area of the studio. A couple of storage ottomans or a small table and chairs can be set up for the occasional visitor and you yourself can happily curl up in bed to watch your shows or movies!


  1. Great post...I used to live in a studio apartment and I agree with you on Murphy beds...not convenient and definitely not worth the money!

    1. I think they would be great in a spare bedroom/office for occasional use, but not as a main bed. I have seen some DIY options that are less expensive, but they need to anchor into the wall, which is NOT easy with cement walls!

  2. Ugh, my main problem is having a place for my SO to stay without getting a full-sized bed. I don't really care about a sofa, but without one there's nowhere else to sleep..

    1. Hmm, what about a single air mattress? Its not very cuddly, but itll do the job in a pinch

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