Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Spring In My Step!

This past weekend had such beautiful weather I had to get outside for a walk on Saturday! Somehow I ended up walking to HomeSense. How very strange ;)

I came home with a giant vase for my TV stand (I have been wanting something more substantial for there) and that led to me deciding to swap out some stuff on the TV stand to make the whole view a bit more springlike. Here is a reminder of what it used to look like:

The red vase had long since stopped matching my condo and will go down into storage for another day when red becomes part of my decor again!

And now, my new TV stand arrangement!

Yay! Check out my new vase!

I spent a good 15 minutes in the flower section of the dollar store making this arrangement. I originally wanted white hydrangeas, but I guess they are not in season at the fake flower supplier, so I got a mix of other flowers. I thought it turned out quite nice! I shall be adding fake flower arrangements to my resume :)

I also got rid of the pine cones from my apothecary glass and put in this white flower ball thing that I got from the wedding section of the dollar store:

All in all, this update cost me about $30 ($20 for the vase and $10 for the flowers) and it is making me very excited for Spring to fully get here. We are supposed to get a couple more weeks of cold...but hopefully soon that sun will break through!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that vase! It's perfect! So colourful and springy... Obviously, I have to visit HomeSense soon. And remove the little Christmas tree that's still sitting on my bookcase...

    (In my defense, it doesn't look THAT Christmasy. It's white. And bushy. Totally not Christmasy at all.)

    1. Only $20 too! Came in turquoise and white.

      lol, my little christmas tree came down in January.

  2. Love it! Bring it on - SPRING that is! Sheila


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