Friday, February 15, 2013

Winter Blahs

I am so ready for winter to be over! I need SUN and WARMTH in my life. I want to leave the house without bundling up! I want to lie on the rooftop patio and read junk magazines! But alas, there are a couple more months of cold days to suffer through.

I think I have been compensating for this loss of sun by shopping- you know, bringing some sunshine into my condo! I can't help but notice that so many of my last few posts have been about things I have bought for the condo. Yikes- need to reel that spending in!

However, I do want to share my latest purchase- new bowls!

Ahh they are so pretty! I found them for $10 (for all four) at HomeSense last weekend. I try not to bring in excessive things to the condo because of storage, but in this case my old bowls were falling apart (they were plastic) so it was totally time to upgrade!

I have been putting them to good use:

My favourite breakfast as of late has been greek yogurt with honey, berries, and muesli cereal! It is sooo yummy and keeps me full until lunch! I just wish I had bought bigger bowls so I could fit more of this deliciousness in there!

Side note- why is it so hard to find large containers of greek yogurt? All the grocery stores I go to only sell 500g tubs! I seriously go through two a week (oh how I wish greek yogurt was cheaper). However I recently found out the random grocery store by the condo sells 750g tubs! They only have coconut flavour, which I normally wouldn't go for, but it is oh so yummy! It seriously makes getting up on dark, cold mornings so much better.

Anyway, I think the best plan for when the winter blues starts to get you down is to spend more times with friends and get out of your hermit cave. Taking my own advice into account, I am going to Chicago this weekend with some friends! That way I can be cold in a different country...oh wait...

Happy long weekend everyone! See you back here on Tuesday!


  1. Ooh, I love the bowls! So pretty. Also, I could go for some of that right now. Our cupboards are very bare, which means all our yogurt was consumed weeks ago and we have no granola or anything of the like in our cupboards. Gotta get to the grocery store...

    1. so sad! I actually have no food besides yogurt and granola, so ive just been living off that :)

  2. I agree with you on the winter blahs. I've been dragging my feet and just moping around lately. I want spring.

    Those bowls are really pretty. I definitely think they were a good purchase. :)

  3. holy cow those bowls are adorbs. how come I can never find anything that cute for that cheap at HomeSense? I've been trying to use my $25 gift card there for ages but i can't bring myself to use it all on a $23 throw pillow!

    1. I would recommend spending that $25 on their stoneware baking dishes. I got mine there and I LOVE it. :)


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