Friday, February 8, 2013

Winners is for Winners!

This week I made a trip to Winners to see if I could get a new container for my dish soap in the kitchen, because the Dawn bottle wasn't exactly killing it in the looks division. I got one (yay!) and I got some other cute stuff so I thought I would share.

I got this great soap dispenser made by Umbra for about $9. I love that it has a little spot for the scrubber thingy because I think it is important to declutter my counter top. However I do think I now have to shop for prettier soap colours from now on. Not sure neon green is my thing :P

I also got this great new organizer for my lenses! Actually, I am pretty sure this is a jewellery organizer but the size was perfect for lenses. It was kind of pricy at $10, but I like the pattern and it was exactly what I needed. I am one of those people that needs proper place to put things or they never get put away. I used to store my lenses in a drawer in the table, but I actually switch them up often so I prefer having them handy like this! The last spot in it is for my new flash, but I was using it ON the camera when I took this

Side note- anyone have any flash tips? I have already learned to point it at the ceiling to spread the light out, but it created a lot of shadows with the shelf area.

I also got some amazing new wrapping paper!! I loooove these two! The green one also came in turquoise, but I have a lot of blue/turquoise paper so I got green. These were $4 each, but my friend told me she went to Winners and got wrapping paper the other day for only $2! So check it out- their selection is amazeballs!

Lastly, I got some flowers for my new vase!!! I picked up from African Violets from the Loblaws below the Winners (there is a Joe Fresh clothing store below the Loblaws too- it is the best building ever!). These were $4 and I have hopes I can keep them alive for at least a couple of weeks because apparently they do okay in partial shade. I hope so!

So that was my mini shopping spree this week! Did you get anything new for your place this week? What about awesome new wrapping paper??


  1. Shadow is very tricky indoors, especially with artificial light. Try sticking a white sock over your flash. This helps diffuse the light.

  2. Try standing the flash away from the camera and use the camera flash fill. Pops.

  3. dude, I totally want your soap dish!


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