Monday, February 11, 2013

Mixing Patterns and Colours: Trial and Error!

I am not a home designer. I have no training and I really prefer to just flip through the magazines for pretty pictures than to read the "rules". And even if I really knew the rules, I would probably think I was breaking them in a trendy way- but it is probably just a hot mess!

Case in point this week: My couch throw pillows:

I made these pillows last summer using some napkins I got on sale at Home Outfitters and I really liked them. But after months of having them in the condo I have realized they just don't go with my ottoman!

I live in a tiny condo (as you know) and when I recovered the ottoman I should have realized I was committing to the colours and pattern in it. The ottoman is a focal point in this room and the items I choose to go in the condo should compliment it, not compete! So while I liked the napkin throw pillows, their neon colours and small, busy pattern just did not compliment the busy pattern and muted colours of the ottoman.

If you have a large living room, you may have more of a chance to take risks here. But my "living room" is about 65 sq ft, plus it is open to all other rooms, so I need to plan these things out better.

What I needed were throw pillows that were more muted and had a larger pattern so that everything would not be crazy-town pattern in here!

On the weekend my friend Steph and I walked over to Home Sense and I managed to the score the perfect throw pillow!

It has a bit of a non-uniform chevron pattern going on, and by complete coincidence the neutral greige (grey-beige) colour matches the couch! It also has a soft turquoise that goes with the turquoise in the ottoman and an awesome hit of coral (and who doesn't love coral?).

See? This is much more visually appealing now! I hope I am getting better with this coordination business! It is so much harder in a small place like mine because you really have to commit to one look so everything in cohesive! Next up, I need to find some more coral so my pillow connects with another part of the room (perhaps on the bed?).

Oh and for the record, this pillow was also on sale for $23 versus $30. Woohoo for sale items!


  1. I like both the before and after. But I really like how your new pillow ties in some colors from the art on the wall. It looks good and it's not overdone!

  2. I prefer your new pillow, although the I don't see the turquoise (I'll take your word that its there - this time)

  3. Your before pillows really weren't bad at all....but I do LOVE the new one. Good choice!!

    1. They are way more neon in person! Im realizing my style is more muted colours

  4. You have quite possibly the cutest little condo of all time. I love your style! And your new pillow (and your old pillows!)


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