Friday, February 1, 2013

I've Been Framed!

Confession: when I painted my chalkboard wall I took down my University Degree and my Skydiving certificate (ya- I framed it! Sue me! I jumped out of a freaking plane!). I placed them next to my table and there they sat. For over four months.

How embarrassing.

I wasn't quite ready to hang them on the wall because one of the frames was scratched up and I never really cared for their wood tone. These were cheap frames so I am not attached to them in anyway except for the fact they were free and the right size.

So I decided to paint them something more fun! I quickly popped out the frames and painted them with CIL's "Surfside", which I recently used to make my shadow box.

Yup. I even neatly rolled up the yoga mat that I have been doing my 30 Day Shred on. Oh ya baby, getting in shape over here.

Here is a note if you decide to do this type of project- make sure the bag you use as a drop sheet (in this case, a Banana Republic bag) doesn't have holes in it. Holey bags= terrible drop sheet. Just saying.

But plain turquoisey frames were kind of boring. I decided to zazz it up a bit by painting the edges gold!

This is where I should have realized I was crazy. Gold craft paint from the dollar store does NOT go on smoothly. Plus all my paint brushes were destroyed. It was a nightmare!!

But now they are up! Are they perfect? Heck no, they actually came out kind of terrible. But I am hoping they are kind of cute in a kitschy way, right? I can't take them down now because they had wet paint on the back when I hung them and it is probably a kaleidoscope of surfside and gold back there.

Oh well...sometimes projects don't turn out like you plan, but at least my two most important life accomplishments are hanging with pride again!

Oh and PS- happy groundhog today tomorrow. Anyone else hoping that little bugger doesn't see his shadow and we get an early spring?


  1. The magic of photos can be an amazon thing; with the right lightinntqeaks no one would ever know the difference ;) the frames really fill up the space beside your new shelves—I like it! (Imperfections and all).

    I wish I could believe in an early spring, but I'm already resolved to 2 more months of winter (at least). Those darn groundhogs have gotten my hopes up before :p

    1. ya i dont know why we entrust the state of our climate to groundhogs :P

  2. I think they look nice! But I am sorry that the whole process didn't go smoothly. Projects like that can be frustrating.

    And I would totally frame a skydiving certificate (if I actually ever did something that brave).

    1. it sounds brave, but really they just throw you out a plane and you scream a lot. I did tandem so I was attached to a pro! but i did get to pull my own chute!!

      Hard to believe that was almost 5 years ago! damn

  3. Cute! I like the surfside/gold combo.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. thanks! I still like the colour combo, just not my execution. its a bit of a hot mess in person :P

  4. Painting the side is an interesting effect! I had a painting disaster too this week. Some things just don't go as planned.


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