Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Framing the Thermostat

I saw these pins going around Pinterest about framing the thermostat to make it look a bit prettier! I mean, you can't really hide a thermostat, and I had no interest in buying a fancy new one (and also no idea how to switch it out) so I thought this would be a quick and easy project!

I even had the perfect frame!

I have no idea where I got this frame, but I have always loved the lace edges!

First thing I did was remove the back and glass. The glass was glued in, but with a combination of scoring the glue with a box cutter and a bit of pressure, I was able to pop it out! I even removed the little tabs that hold the back on because the black showed through the lace holes.

I thought I would have to nail the frame to wall, but it actually fit perfectly over the thermostat! What luck! I think it looks amazing and really dresses up this little bit of wall. And yes, my thermostat says 81 degrees. It is not that hot in here, but the thermostat faces OUT to the window (because of the angle of the windows) and so the sun just heats that puppy up. That is why I can never set it to "auto"- it would never turn on in the winter and over-cool the place in the summer. Terrible design!

Oh and yes, my elephant frame from my Thrifting Adventure this weekend is hanging out over here until he finds a permanent home.

Gotta love a free, easy, and quick project! What do you do with your thermostat?


  1. I love it! And I'm slightly jealous. I saw this idea on Pinterest and was so going to do it until I looked at my thermostat and realized it was impossible. They placed it so close the door frame that I can't get anything around it. :(

    1. BOO! Maybe you could paint something pretty around it?

  2. I picked up one of those square boxes that acts as a shelf the other day to paint and frame out my thermostat as well. Mine is circular with a weird square base, and I couldn't find a frame to fit, so I decided to box it out, using the top of the box as a shelf. :)

    1. Sounds nice! and you can store a few cute knick knacks on top!

  3. Framing the thermostat! Haha, that was cute. Now that you asked, I might also try that with mine. It might make for a great rainy day project. :)

    Eric Powell @ TotalGreenEnergySolutions


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