Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chicken and Stuffing Bake!

Since coming back from Chicago, I have decided to take charge of my health and try some new dishes and healthy meals. All that deep dish pizza needs to be banished from my hips!

Today's new recipe is Chicken and Stuffing Bake from the Ultimate Low-Calorie Book by Better Homes and Gardens. I picked it up for $6 last time I was at Homesense. This one seemed perfect for satisfying my love of carbs and it uses chicken or turkey. I recently found out that I have developed an allergy to shrimp (so sad!!!) so I am trying to find non-shrimp recipes.

You also need Cream of Chicken Soup. My can missed the call for the photoshoot!
Main Dish:
1     Cup Water
1     Cup Chopped Red Sweet Pepper
1/2  Cup Chopped Onion
1/2  Cup Uncooked Rice (I used brown)
1     8 Ounce Package of Herb-Seasoned Stuffing Mix
2     Cups Water (yes, it repeats but they come in at different parts)
4     Cups Diced Cooked Chicken or Turkey
3     Eggs, Lightly Beaten
1/2  Can of the Healthiest Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup You Can Find

1/2  Cup Light Sour Cream
1/4  Cup Fat-Free Milk
1/2  Can of Soup Used Above

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Celsius. In a small saucepan, bring 1 cup of water to boil. Add rice, onion, and red pepper and reduce heat to simmer and cover for 20 minutes.

While that is cooking, cook your meat however you like to cook it. I just fried mine in a pan.

While the meat is cooking, combine the stuffing, 2 cups of water, 3 eggs, and half of the can of soup in a large bowl and mix. Add chicken and rice mixture once they are cooked and mix.

Grease a large baking dish (I used a non-stick) and evenly spread your mixture into it. Place in oven for 35- 40 minutes. The instructions did not specify whether to cover so I left mine overcovered and it turned out fine!

While your dish is cooking, make the sauce! Add the leftover soup to the sour cream and milk in a sauce pan and heat up, stirring occasionally (this only takes a few minutes so you can leave it until the dish is out and cooling).

Take your dish out of the oven and inhale the delicious stuffing smell!

Add sauce to dish and serve to hungry people (or one Casey). This dish said it makes 8 servings and usually I laugh at that, but this made quite a bit of food and is quite filling so I may actually be able to stretch it out for a few yummy days!

It was SO yummy! I will definitely make it again and maybe even try altering it a bit (like cheese instead of the sour cream sauce and adding more veggies in).

Nutritional Information (per serving)
- 367 cals
- 10g of total fat (3g saturated)
- 149mg cholesterol
- 664mg sodium
- 38h carbs
- 3g dietary fibre
- 28g protein


  1. oh heck, i'm making this!!! did i ever share my poppyseed casserole with you? SO GOOD.

    1. I think youd like this one! and you can use full fat stuff to make it a little heartier for you

      I didnt tell you because this was the one I made that day you were sick. hahaha

      I dont know If I like poppyseeds, but ill try yours!


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