Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bathroom Plans Update #999,999

Since I have only done less than a billion posts about my ever-changing bathroom plans, I thought I would do another one for you! My contractor/best friend's girlfriend (so convenient- haha) was here on the weekend to measure out my sink for me (FYI- it is the oh-so-standard width of 33 5/8ths). She also confirmed that my sink counter IS poorly constructed so I am not crazy for wanting to replace it. Thank you, Ky!

We even had fun laughing at the drunk caulking job in the bathtub. Oh condo builders, are there any corners you won't cut?

Current Bathroom

I figured out what to do with storage and Ky agreed that it makes a lot more sense! I am going to get a horizontal medicine cabinet! Ikea sells my current cabinet as a horizontal model (my current model seems no longer available).
Lillangen Wall Cabinet
It is $60, but Ky also thinks we can easily flip mine with some new hardware and a new shelf. We measured and it will fit great.

For the record (because I like to give credit where I can), I was inspired by this image of Kelsey's bathroom on Apartment Therapy:

When I saw this it was like a lightbulb went off in my head! A horizontal cabinet would maximize the space better (no dead space on either side).

I also plan to add two shelves above the medicine cabinet for towels and one below for some extra pretty storage. Trust me, there is a lot of room (and my towels are white and crisp and pretty to look at). I will then remove the shelving from the opposite side of the room (where my towels currently reside). Less shelves all over the walls= illusion of more storage. Sha-bam.

I didn't want to get another see-through cabinet but the solid versions of this cabinet are unattractive to me. I may try beefing up the film on it. And if I decide I want the wood-look more (I have been loving the warmth of wood lately), I can add those veneer sheet things they sell at Home Depot to it. Ky also suggested I could change up my vanity base with that too, but I would need new cabinet doors because they aren't flat. However flat cabinet doors match the condo style better (it's sleek) so who knows where I will go.

Ooh! and in other updates- how sexy is this colour?

Source (not original?)
It is Benjamin Moore Smokestack Grey. Looks great with white trim and beige-ish floor, so perhaps it would beautiful in my bathroom with the beige tile in the shower? methinks!

So next step! Go to various places that well countertops and price out a new countertop! Fingers crossed for a good deal!


  1. I love your updates and I think that flipping the medicine cabinet and adding more shelves is a brilliant idea.

    And I LOVE that colour, very very sexy. :P

    1. Im glad you like them because something tells me this wont be the last. haha

  2. I *really* like that colour!! Might be something I will consider for my bedroom walls... Hm!

  3. I *really* like that colour!! Might consider it for my bedroom walls!


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