Friday, January 11, 2013

Light It Up!

Hey peeps!

Sorry for no post yesterday. I was stuck in the Rogers outage and I didn't have internet all night! I actually had to read a book. What a concept!!

So, in continuation of my post about my new motion activated ceiling light, I thought I would share my other new light. Oh yes, things are looking much brighter around here!

Ta-Da! I also picked myself up the Alang wall light! I found my old bedside light wasn't very bright and I didn't like twisting around to the bedside table I installed behind the bed to turn it on and off. Plus now I have room on my bedside table to hold my Ipad.

I was actually shocked at how bright this new light is! I seriously think I could have done away with buying and installing the ceiling light because this little puppy could light the entire condo (I could have sworn that it was only a 40 watt bulb).

I do need to figure out a way to make the cord more sexy and less twisty. I secured the button part down with a small Command Strip, because it preferred to face the wall. Grr.

Also, this thing was so hard to install! And it was not the lamp's fault. I bought these screws that had built in plugs, thinking that was easier than getting my drill out.

According to the instructions, you hammer the whole thing into the wall (a challenge in and of itself because they are HUGE) and then remove the screw and put the screw back in. The first one was tough, but a few good whacks got it in. The second one would. not. go. in. I swear my neighbours hated me because every whack to this wall reverberated in the A/C ducts behind it. Eventually I gave up (I got it in a bit deeper than in this photo- but no further). But then I had a giant hole in my wall where I needed a screw. Uh oh. The sconce is fairly light so I didn't bother to go get my drill (the first screw secured it, the second is really just to keep it straight). I just cut off a plug I had on hand and shoved it in the new hole and installed a different, shorter, screw.

Seriously people, I am not made out for DIY. Remember how I did the same trick in my closet for my shoe racks? I swear everything in my condo is hanging on by a thread! haha

And in case you were wondering, the light is well above the pillows on that side of the bed. I was careful to pick a height that was high enough to not be in the way and low enough to not look like a crazy out-of-place sconce.

I think removing the art on that wall and removing the lamp from the old bedside table has actually really made the bed area look more spacious. I am not sure why exactly, but I am really digging this! I threw together a before and after, but obviously light is really different here (and you can't see the old lamp because of the windows, but now I have a straight view to the windows over the bed pillows, which I didn't really have before).



Happy Friday! Weekend plans? I am going on a road trip to Kingston!


  1. Room looks great. I have that same light. What kind of bulb did you use? I love the light output.

    1. I think it was a 40W round bulb that I got from the convenience store. (I think it was clear and a "G" type)


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