Friday, January 4, 2013

DCP Update!

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! Plans for the weekend? I am attending a dinner party with friends tonight and then I am hoping to get over to Ikea because this girl's new year's plans involve buying some swag for the condo! Oh..I have plans. You just wait!

I thought since I am hacking my lungs out this week that I would take it a bit easy on the decorating side and give an update on my DCP treatments (no idea what I am talking about? Click on the Alopecia tab for earlier updates and explanations). I actually didn't go last week to treatment as they were closed for the holidays so even though I was home sick today, I dragged my butt to the hospital for treatment so I wouldn't be two weeks without. And it took me 2.5 hours round trip, so this is no small feat. Sorry to all the people on the TTC dealing with my gross cold!!

Ok, so update time! Well I am now officially 2 months into treatment, but I am still not really getting results. A couple of treatments ago I had some very mild itching for the week (good sign!) so they kept me on the same dosage the next week. I had no reaction the second time, and then Christmas week was here so I feel like I have fallen so far behind. Today they upped my dosage again but so far tonight I am not feeling anything (and I think I would feel it that day- I really don't know).

A lot of people who know me and see me sans wig (like my parents) have mentioned that I have some hair growth. This is actually true, but it is not hair-hair. See, your body can make different types of hair. That is why facial hair, scalp hair, and the hair on your body are different. What my head is producing right now is more like vellus hair. Vellus hair is often blond or see through, very fine, and short. It is what we often refer to as peach-fuzz. So while some of these hairs are an inch long or so, they probably won't get longer.

I have often had vellus hairs growing on my scalp over the past few years. Alopecia is a very unpredictable disease. For the first few years after my diagnosis, I was 100% bald, even from vellus type hairs. Then slowly certain parts of my body have regrown hair from time to time. Thankfully my legs have chosen to stick to the bald look! The strange part was when I originally had my appointment with the specialist last year she referred to me as having Alopecia Totalis because I had some body hair. I have always (and continue to) referred to myself as having Alopecia Universalis, which is NO hair anywhere. especially since I do not have eyebrows or eyelashes which I don't think is typical with Totalis.

Point is- my head is fuzzy but not yet growing any real hair. However the ability to grow these weak hairs that I do have is a positive sign because it means my follicles are still working. We just need to get rid of the disease so that they can be free to grow normal hair again!

Now if only I could get rid of this cold! Sigh, to be back in Mexico again :)

I feel like another one of these pineapples would cure me in an instant!


  1. Thanks for the udpate. Hopefully you will start to see some more results soon.

    And I will join you in Mexico for one of those pineapples please. :)

  2. Good luck! I know how hard it can be to be at odds with your body. I hope you're feeling better soon! Colds that won't go away are such a pain in the butt.


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