Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Custom Bookends

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I know you are all waiting to see the reveal of my new shelves, but I didn't have the right size of screw to secure the shelves to the brackets. Plus I find the brackets a little wobbly (side to side, they are still strong on the top for weight issues) so I want to go back and add in more plugs for the stabilizing screws at the bottom of each bracket. Except luckily in this case I can quite comfortable not going into the concrete wall because these ones are for stabilization and not strength!

I needed to buy groceries last night so I wasn't able to get to Canadian Tire to buy new screws! Therefore I decided to do a little project for my new shelves (side note- I am super excited to have all this excess decorating space!).

Isn't it cute??

These started out as these boring, very common, very cheap bookends that you can find in any office goods store/office supply closet ;)

I then used my nifty glue gun to attach some fun greece-inspired fabric to them. I actually had a good sized scrap of this fabric leftover from my cushion project in the summer. I really didn't worry to much at the back because this side will be up against the books. I just did my best to make it lie flat.

But honestly, they seemed very boring! So I busted out my favourite felt project of making felt roses and attached them with glue to the base of each bookend. I actually even used the scraps from the last felt project to make these (which is why the colours are the same. I DO own more felt colours, I swear).

I then popped a couple of books up on a shelf so you could see them in action. So pretty and they cost me nothing! Gotta love a free, 30 minute project!

Have you done any quickie projects lately? Do share!


  1. Lovely!I may need to do sometthing like this.

  2. Very very cute! You are just so creative and I love the felt roses.

    1. I think felt roses are going to end up being my signature style. I need to find new uses for felt!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I was just staring at the bookends at the office and was inspired!


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