Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...And A Happy New Year!

How are the hangovers doing? I am writing this before the ball has dropped, so hopefully I resisted the temptation to overdo the drinkies last night and started the new year with a fresh face!!

I wanted to do a quick recap of 2012 to remind myself what an amazing year it was! I love looking back because it reminds me of the highs and the lows and just how lucky I am!
- Started this blog (woohoo!)
- Got a big raise at work
- Went camping with my girls
- Went to Mexico to visit my friend
- Substantially increased my savings after a couple of years of scrapping by with a lower income
- Watching my niece grow from a newborn to a toddler (how did THAT happen so fast?)
- Celebrated my mom's 60th birthday AND retirement!
- Watched both of my parents undergo much-needed renovations. My mom now has beautiful hardwood floors and wainscoting in her living/dining room and a new master bath (be still my heart!) and my Dad has a fabulous, fully renovated basement which still shocks me every time I am over
- My brother and sister in law bought a house!
- My best friend and my former University roomie both got engaged!
- Finally painted my condo after almost 3 years
- Had both of my overseas cousins (from Switzerland and Australia) come to visit and I got to meet their babies
- Started new treatments for my Alopecia

I have only a few thoughts, hopes, and dreams for 2013. I am not really one for resolutions but I do hope that I can make some positive steps this year and make it one of the best years ever!

- Travel more. I didn't even USE all my vacation days for 2012. That's sad and cannot happen again!
- Increase my French vocabulary. Considering Canada makes you learn French for 5 years, you would think I would know how to say more than "I don't speak French"
- Spend more time with family. This definitely including allowing my brother and his wife a few more date nights by watching my adorable niece
- Run the full 10K in the 2013 Terry Fox Run 

- Actually do that darn bathroom renovation that I keep flip-flopping on
- Figure out a bookcase solution (I am thinking some shelves are in order)
- I need some sort of headboard and footboard
- Maybe install a patio floor this summer?

- Increase savings to a larger percentage of my income (one day I would like to own a place with actual bedrooms and stuff. Since the money fairy is MIA I need to really buckle down and save up a good downpayment)
- Pay down more of my mortgage

What are your plans for 2013? I already have a trip to Chicago in the works and TWO out of town weddings to go to (and I am the Maid of Honour in one so that'll keep me busy!). Plus my friend and I are thinking of maybe doing Vegas for our birthdays, and I am hoping to make it back out to Mexico for a week or so. 2013 is looking fun already!!


  1. Canada makes you learn french from like grade 1 to Grade 9 - that's more than 5 years hahah :)

  2. A good day to get caught up with Casey blog posts.
    Happy New Year, Sweetie


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